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My name is Kara.
~ Kara's famous quote.
(Markus: You said you're with a little girl, right? You know that humans hate us. Why are you protecting her?) She needs me. And I need her. It's as simple as that.
~ Kara to Markus.

Kara is one of the protagonists of the video game Detroit: Become Human. She is an AX400 Android who serves the Williams family, but will get to deviancy if the player makes her a Deviant. She will also serve as a mother figure for Alice.

Kara is voiced and motion-captured by Valorie Curry, who also portrays Emma Hill in The Following and Dot Everest in The Tick.


At the start of the game, Kara is in the Androids store after being repaired. Since she was repaired, she doesn't have her old memory. Todd Williams goes to find her and hire her to work for him. She obeys every order he gives her like doing dishes, serving dinner, and doing all other chores. When she sees Alice, she tells her to not let Todd hurt her like he does the first time, but when Todd told her to not move, it is up to the player to decide if she will be a deviant or if she will obey Todd, which will result in Alice's death if she doesn't save her.

If Kara does save Alice, both of them will run away from Todd or she can kill Todd. She can also decide to steal the money from a store to sleep at the motel, or she can sleep in a car with Alice, which she will not being seen by anyone. When the player finally makes their choice, she remembers the WR600 Android, who gave her the address of someone who he said can help them. After changing clothes, Kara and Alice go to Zlatko's house, Zlatko pretends to be nice to her before trying to reset her. The player will try to prevent Kara from being reset or let her be reset. The player can decide to make Kara try to recover her memory or obey Zlatko's orders, which results in Alice's death. Kara has her memory or recovers it, but if she doesn't find Alice in time, Zlatko will find Kara and kill her, which also results in Alice's death.

If the player frees Kara or makes her recover her memory and find Alice in time, both of them will try to escape Zlatko and Luther. If Kara frees the monsters Zlatko created, they will kill him by beating him to death. If she doesn't free them, Luther will kill Zlatko himself by shooting him in the stomach before helping Kara and Alice. When Zlatko's car, which they took, runs out of gas, they go to an abandoned amusement park to find shelter for the night. Kara, Alice, and Luther will then meet the Jerrys and make Alice ride the carrousel, which still works despite the park being closed.

The next day, Kara, Alice, and Luther find someone by the name of Rose Chapman, who will help them cross the border. While Rose is willing to help them, her son Adam Chapman is reluctant and doesn't trust Androids. Kara then distracts the police officer by pretending to be Adam's mother and hiding all android evidence, which will succeed or fail, but if she succeeds, Rose will then enter and tell everyone that they are leaving. If she fails, the officer is killed by Luther. Rose will say the same thing, but she will be worried.

After Rose drops Kara, Alice, and Luther to Jericho, she told Kara to find Markus. Kara will find Markus and tell him to help. Markus will tell her to stay in Jericho and wait for things to cool off a bit since the humans are still looking for them. Kara will then encounter an android girl who looks exactly like Alice and will discover that she was an android herself. Kara can still trust Alice by hugging her or be distant. The FBI invades Jericho if she didn't get distant with Alice. She, Alice, and Luther will run, but if she was distant with Alice, she will abandon her during the attack in which Alice will be killed.

Kara can decide to save Luther in Jericho or protect Alice and run with her if she is still alive. After they escape, Kara can try to save Luther if he is still alive and Jerry or fail and be captured. If Luther is dead, Kara can save both of the Jerrys, but if they are captured with Luther or the Jerrys. they can try to escape or die, but they can also be saved by Markus. If Kara did save Luther and Jerry or the Jerrys, she, Alice, and Luther, if he's still alive, will have a choice to go to the border or the lake. If they go to the border, Kara can choose to steal the ticket or give it back. If Todd is killed, they will not encounter him again, but if she did not kill him or watch the TV, Todd will find them and accuse Kara of stealing his little girl. If Kara doesn't find Todd's family picture, she, Alice, and Luther will be killed. If she does find the picture, she will tell him his backstory and Todd will let them go and wish them luck.

If Kara, Alice, and Luther go to the river, this will result in Luther's death and Alice's death or she can survive, but if Kara makes it to the border and steals the ticket, she, Alice, and Luther then take the bus to to the Canadian border where they find out that there are temperature checks to see if they are not androids. Luther and Jerry will then propose to sacrifice themselves to save them. Kara will talk with Rose, who is leaving Detroit with Adam. Before getting back in line, Adam will show support for the androids after seeing if the protest is peaceful. After getting back in line, Kara can sacrifice herself, Luther, or Jerry, or do not sacrifice anyone. Kara will go in front of the security guard to let them through. If the protest is violent, the security guard will have them killed. If the protest is peaceful, the security guard lets them through, which will result in an happy ending.

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