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Kara Milovy is the deuteragonist of 007 film The Living Daylights.

She is General Georgi Koskov’s former girlfriend, and then she becomes James Bond’s love interest.

She is played by Maryam d'Abo.


A kind, albeit naive young woman not knowing what Koskov's true intentions are. She is also courageous, she does not like to use weapons, she was also willing to risk her life for others.

She loves music and traveling, while also being ambitious and carefree.


Kara is first seen with her colleague Saunders, who meet Bond, who are at the head of Section V, Vienna. As Bond was informed that General Georgi Koskov wanted to desert the Soviet Union, he believes she is a killer.

Bond seeing Koskov posing as a sniper, determined to kill Kara, only to be stopped by Bond who then makes her pass out with a shot right next to her hands and then kidnapped by KGB, with Bond making a silly joke "I must have scared the living daylights out of her. "

In Bratislava, Bond manages to save her, convinced now that she is more of a victim than a murderer, and thus gains her trust and is told that she was sent from Koskov, then to Austria. During Bond's pursuit, Aston Martin is destroyed and the two flee on a sled to the Austrian border in custody of Kara's cello.

Kara so contacts Koskov directly that she immediately believes that Bond is a KGB agent who is using her girlfriend to find and kill him. Koskov gives specific orders to Kara to drug Bond to capture him, but soon realizes that Koskov has used her and returns to rescue Bond.

Bond and Kara are taken to Afghanistan, where they ally with a group of Mujahideen led by Kamran Shah, Kara convinces Shah to help Bond by attacking a Soviet airbase.

After being attacked in the C-130 plane, which they had governed and which was carrying drugs, Kara helps him but fly the plane while Bond fights Necros.

Kara is last seen on her World Tour (as a reward for her courage, she has been given a special visa that allows her to play all over the world), she is disappointed that Bond does not participate in she. However, she surprised by her finds him in her dressing room.


  • Kara Milovy was the last "main" Bond Girl to be blonde until Madeleine Swann in Spectre, almost 30 years later.
  • Kara's novel counterpart is the main antagonist, however, in the film, she's the main Bond girl. Although, she was an antagonist during the opening scene and was the villain's girlfriend.


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