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Karasu is a recurring character in Post-War Arc from the anime and manga series, One Piece. He was the officer in the North Army at the Revolutionary Army.

He was voiced by Takeshi Kusao in Japanese and Matt Fowler in English.


Karasu is a tall bald man who has a mask on in the plague doctor at the face will acting from the loudspeaker and light blue eyes. He has a dark black open feather coat familiar to these warm from the Beast Pirates will leaving the chest exposed, dark black pants, and around for sash it from the neck. His tie is purple giving him as a overall attire like him first debuting.


Karasu is a very weakling and loyal honorable man despite his attack from the weak. He is very quiet and actually can talk during inaudible mumbling, plus he used to be loudspeaker mask to heard from the crews. He didn't not debuted to takes kind of the others will react negatively with his mumbled, who veining bulged in the forehead as his anger while Peachbeard pointing as this time. Meanwhile, Karasu spends for his peaceful of his in of he almost forget to turn it on at his speaker, results as a mumbling.

Abilities and Powers

As a officer in the Revolutionary Army, he has a full position with his organization. And as an executive in the North Army, Karasu had a power control everyone soldiers all on of it.

Devil Fruit

Karasu ate his Devil Fruit of unknown type with allowed his that turning into the body and clothing onto the murder at crows. As a form, Karasu to capable at performed action under his wide area, when he shown to stolen all of the Peachbeard Pirates' swords at this twice. Once his crow to capable at holding in the average-sized person at his back, and then he using all of deliver newspapers. He also is capable to talking of his crow.


Karasu's Haki using his Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki to possesses the ability.


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