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How about..Frosty!
~ Karen

Karen is the deuteragonist of Frosty the Snowman. She is a blonde, ponytailed girl who befriends Frosty. In fact, she accompanies him. Karen was voiced by the late June Foray in the original airing, who also voiced Granny from Looney Tunes and Baby Looney Tunes, and by Suzanne Davidson in all subsequent airings.


Karen is first seen inside her classroom on Christmas Eve, where she and her classmates are looking out at the first snow of the year. She is then lectured by her teacher to return to her seat, where her teacher has hired the inept magician Professor Hinkle to perform for her class. After Hinkle fails his signature magic trick of turning three eggs into his rabbit Hocus Pocus and throws his hat in disgrace, she is let out of class for the holiday.

Karen and her friends stay behind on the school grounds, partaking in various winter activities, one of which is building a life-size snowman, which Karen helps out in by constructing the head, once the kids finish building the snowman, they begin suggesting names for snowman, Karen picks out the winning name: Frosty. After singing the first refrain to the namesake snowman's song, Karen and the rest of her friends witness Professor Hinkle's hat landing on Frosty's head, causing him to come to life. Karen is amaze, but after witnessing Professor Hinkle swipe the hat from Frosty, she demands he give the hat back, noting that he heard him in class saying he doesn't want it anymore, before the evil magician scolds her for her demeanor towards him and leaving the premise.

Hocus Pocus brings the hat back to Karen, who in turn places the hat back on Frosty's head, causing the snowman to once again come to life and play with the kids, after awhile Frosty becomes emaciated, Karen points to a nearby thermometer , which subsequently shows the temperature rising. Wanting to save her friend, Frosty notes that he needs to head to the North Pole where he will never melt. Karen suggests taking Frosty to the train station, which Frosty agrees to, adding that they should hold a parade on the way there.

Frosty, alongside Karen and rest of the kids make their way through town. They are eventually stopped by the traffic cop, where after a moment of arguing, Karen explains to the man that Frosty is unaware of the surroundings as he just came to life.

When they reach the station, Karen requests a ticket to the North Pole from the ticket man, but after Karen tells him that she and the rest of the kids have no money, the man refuses to sell them the ticket. Karen then suggests they hitch a ride on a refrigerated boxcar on a freight train, which is filled with christmas desserts, cold enough for Frosty to avoid melting for the time. Karen volunteers to continue traveling with Frosty whilst the rest of the kids stay behind, however she and Frosty are unaware that Professor Hinkle also hitched a ride on the train as well.

During the ride, Karen contracts a cold due to the low temperatures inside the boxcar. Fearing for his friends' life, Frosty takes Karen off the train, where they hold off at a magical grotto, where Hocus and several of the animals build a fire for Karen so that she can warm up.

Eventually, Professor Hinkle catches up to the two of them, startling Karen when he appears, demanding hat Frosty return his hat back whilst blowing out the fire much to Karen's shock. She and Frosty narrowly escape Hinkle by belly-sliding down a nearby hill.

As Karen's body temperature continues to drop, Frosty begins to fear for her life more than his. Frosty finds a nearby plant nursery filled with Christmas poinsettias, and drops Karen inside to help her warm up, but Professor Hinkle takes advantage of this and closes the door behind them, trapping them inside.

Santa Claus eventually arrives, and with Hocus's help, they free Karen from being trapped inside the nursery, but are shocked when they discover Karen crying in front of a puddle that use to be Frosty. Karen reveals that Frosty melted while the two of them were trapped inside the nursery, and believes that he can not be rebuilt. Santa assures her that this is not true and reveals that Frosty was built with Christmas snow, a with just a gust of air, he is subsequently rebuilt by magic. Karen witnesses Professor Hinkle attempt to take Frosty's hat once more, but he is stopped by Santa, who tells him that he will never receive a new hat again unless he leaves and writes a letter to apologize for his naughty behavior, which he willingly agrees whilst patting Karen on the head.

Santa Claus revives Frosty by placing the hat on his head, causing Karen to become overjoyed to see her friend alive again. Afterwards, Santa takes Karen back to her house, where she says a bittersweet goodbye to Frosty, but Frosty promises his friend that he will return every year on Christmas Day.

During the credits, Karen participates in a parade led by Frosty, and watches him leave aboard Santa's sleigh, promising her once more "I'll be back on Christmas Day".



  • Despite her major role in the original special, Karen does not appear nor is even mentioned in the subsequent sequel Frosty's Winter Wonderland, despite the fact that the special is set within the same town.
  • In the original airing for the special in 1969, Karen was voiced by the late June Foray, however the following year, her voice was re-dubbed by another voice actress, likely to fit her characteristics. However, despite this change, June Foray was still credited as Karen, leaving her new voice actress unknown for nearly 50 years until 2017, when various sources began listing Suzanne Davidson as her replacement voice.


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