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There is no problem. I understand my sister and I won’t understand each other from years ago.
~ Karen Nora Mathers, to Elliot Baldwin Woodman.

Karen Nora Mathers is the right-hand worker of Elliot Baldwin Woodman and the younger sister of Ellen Mira Mathers. She serves as one of the heroines in the Date A Live franchise. She is also the co-founder of Ratatoskr.

She was voiced by Nozomi Nishida in the Japanese dub and by Jill Harris in the English dub.


Karen has the appearance of a woman in her mid-20s. She is described as a pale Nordic blonde with blue eyes. Her hair is short in length, but she has two front bangs that reach beyond her shoulders. During formal occasions, she wears a formal suit with a small necklace attached. She also wears thin circular glasses. Overall, her appearance is very similar to Ellen, with Shido noting that he has the feeling as if he had seen her before when he first met Karen.


Ellen Mira Mathers

Karen shares a relationship with Ellen as they both are in the same family. Ellen is the older sister of Karen and Karen is the younger sister of Ellen.

Elliot Baldwin Woodman

Karen also shares a relationship with Elliot Baldwin Woodman. She is Elliot's elite solider and right-hand worker.

Isaac Ray Peram Westcott

Karen shares some relationship with Isaac Ray Peram Westcott. Karen is in the rival team of Westcott and one of Karen's main objection is defeating Westcott's army.



  • Like her sister, Karen’s last name is a reference to MacGregor Mathers, one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which was one of the orders of the Hermetic Qabalah.


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