Karin Kurosaki is one of the main supporting characters of the Bleach manga and anime series. She is the daughter of Isshin Kurosaki and Masaki Kurosaki, the younger sister of Ichigo Kurosaki, and the twin sister of Yuzu Kurosaki.

In addition to being Isshin's and Masaki's daughter, Ichigo's younger sister, and Yuzu's twin sister, she is also the sister-in-law of Orihime Inoue, and the paternal aunt of Kazui Kurosaki.

She is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Kate Higgens in the English version of the anime.


She and Yuzu were both born on May 6. Despite their differences, the sisters are quite close to each other and they both grew up into a very good natured family with a cheerful mother, a humorous father, and a protective brother and both attend school together. After the death of their mother, the girls became assistant nurses to their father and became helpers around the house. As the storyline starts to progress, the girls gained the ability to see ghosts and even gain some powers to protect those around them.


Like Ichigo, Karin has a short temper. Moreover, when it comes to her father who would sometimes act stupidly, childish or perverted, Karin would usually use force to straighten out her father, just like Ichigo would usually do if necessary. Despite her short temper, Karin loves her father and siblings very much and she is very protective of those who are very close to her. She's not much of a homemaker, but she is able to take care of herself. Besides her father, Karin is aware that Ichigo is a Soul Reaper, and after the timeskip, she vows to Kisuke Urahara that she wants to help and protect her brother.


Karin is the middle child of the Kurosaki family. She has her father's black hair that was chin length but became past shoulder length after the timeskip. According to Chad, her facial appearance is a lot similar to Ichigo's.



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