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We may be Nightingales, but in are hearts we're still thieves and we're damn good at what we do.
~ Karliah

Karliah is a Dark Elf thief and member of the Nightingales in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. She was in love with with Gallus, the leader of the Thieves Guild.


Karliah is the granddaughter of Barenziah who was ruler of Morrowind. Barenziah fell in love with a Nightingale and had a daughter named Dralsi Indoril she was the mother of Karliah. Dralsi taught her daughter the art of thievery and how to survive in Skyrim as a rogue. Dralsi planed for Karliah to become a Nightingale when she was old enough. Dralsi died before her daughter became a Nightingale defending the Twilight Sepulcher from a band of mercenaries.

Karliah was a member of the Thieves Guild she left the guild when she was framed for the death of the leader Gallus. After leaving the guild Karliah spent all of her time planning her revenge on Mercer Frey for the death of Gallus.

Like all of the Nightingales Karliah is a Daedric Worshipper who worships Nocturnal the Daedric Deity of night, crows, ravens, witches, bats, owls, wolves, thieves, cunning, sneaking, secrets, mystery, stealth, whispers, silence, rats, shadows and darkness. Although Karliah is the granddaughter of the Dunmer queen Barenziah and was trained by her mother, who was a Nightingale, Karliah's past is a mystery just like all the members.

Her worship of Nocturnal comes from the culture and religion of the Dunmer and how they worship Daedra. Although most Dunmer worship their three main Daedric Lords Azura, Boethiah and Mephala. Aside from the three main deities in Dunmer society some of them worship Nocturnal. But because Nocturnal worshippers are rare in Dark Elf culture she is not talked about or mentioned to much by the Dunmer and they don't have to many shrines and temples to her like their three other deities.

While Nocturnal worshipper's groups aren't as big as Boethiah, Azura and Mephala's groups they are still apart of Dunmer culture just like all other Dunmer. While Karliah is a worshiper and follower of Nocturnal Karliah comes from a family of Daedric worshippers. This is revealed in a book since she is related to Indoril Nerevar who was loyal to Azura fulfilling the prophecy she created to take down the Tribunal.

Although Karliah has a bloodline relating to the hero of the Morrowind the Nerevar who brought down the Tribunal allowing Daedric worship to return to the land Morrowind. Karliah shows no interest of letting people know about her family tree.


Karliah is a quiet soft spoken Dunmer thief and she is proud of who she is. She's a loner loyal to the Nightingales and Nocturnal.

Karliah follows the away of the Nightingales staying in the darkness hidden from everyone and never drawing attention to her self. She doesn't seek to be feared or honored all she wants to do please her goddess who she views as a mother to her.

When Karliah sets her mind on something she is determined to do it like when she wanted her revenge on Mercer. She does what the Nightingales and Nocturnal want and she does it with bravery and honorably. Being a thief, she doesn't just rush into a situation blindly she thinks before she acts she bides her time, sneaks, plans, hides and waits.

Since she is the granddaughter of Barenziah that makes Karliah royalty and she one of many the hires to Barenziah's throne and riches. But Karliah seems to show no interest in having any of her grandmother's wealth disre to rule. The only the to findout Karliah is related to Barenziah is by reading the books called The Nightingales because Karliah won't tell that to anyone.

Karliah is not an open book so she is not someone who will share or talk about her personal life. Although she speaks with a polite voice and is honest as well as truthful she won't share everything with you since she never says anything about her grandmother Baenziah.

Another detail she won't share is that she is a descendant of Indoril Nerevar which is only revealed in The Nightingales book. In the book it shows about Karliah's mother her grandfather who married her grandmother and other members of her family all have Indoril in their names.


He's abused his authority as a Nightingale.
~ Karliah talking about Mercer
Although it would benefit the guild more than you can imagine, in the end, it would do more harm than good.
~ Karliah talking about the Skeleton Key
Well have to keep silent if we want to avoid drawing their attention.
~ Karliah sneaking past Falmer
He's toying with us. He wants us to follow.
~ Karliah watching Mercer

Karliah's Gear

  • Nightingale Armor
  • Nightingale Bow
  • Nightingale Sword
  • Dagger
  • Arrows


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