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Kat-B320 (full name: Catherine-B320) was a SPARTAN-III member of Noble Team, also being one of its original members, alongside leader Carter-A259, from the Halo series. Noble Team was tasked with saving the planet Reach from being glassed by the alien collective known as The Covenant, and their efforts are captured by the story of the 2010 video game Halo: Reach. She is known simply as Kat or Noble Two.


Kat's full armored body appearance

Kat is normally seen wearing her Spartan armor. Her model is a Mjolnir Mark V SPARTAN-III armor. The primary color of her armor is blue, with some secondary, tertiary and quaternary colors of white, grey, and black. Her torso is mostly black.

She is often seen with her helmet taken off at some times. She has black hair, blue eyes, and fairly white skin.


An inspired tactician and brilliant warrior, Kat-B320 was hand-picked from the SPARTAN-III super-soldier program to serve as second-in-command of Noble Team.
~ Gears 5 description

Halo: Reach

The setting of the game is the planet Reach. Noble Team is sent to a communications blackout, where they fight the Covenant for the first time. They learned that the Covenant already had forces that had settled on the planet, and went to protect an office of naval intelligence known as SWORD base.

Across the events of the game, they work to destroy as many Covenant forces as they can, including ones in aerial combat. Thanks to her tech, they were able to develop a makeshift slipspace bomb to destroy a large Covenant ship called the "Long Night of Solace".

After escorting civilians from a danger zone, they took shelter in a base that would protect them from what the Covenant was about to do to New Alexandria. The civilians were safe from the city's destruction, but Noble Team wasn't. Following Noble Team's exiting of the elevator to get to the bunker that would protect them, a Sanghelli aboard a large ship called a Phantom precisely shot Kat in her visor, where the bullet would go through her helmet and headshot her, killing her before she had the chance to retalliate. Her death can be attributed to situational awareness, because she clearly did not notice the Phantom flying above; otherwise she would've activated her energy shields. Noble Team mourned her death.

Halo: Reach Multiplayer

Kat's voice is available to use as the announcer in Firefight, a game mode where you and other players fight waves of enemies on special maps.

An Avatar Award of Kat-B320's helmet is rewarded for earning the Avenger medal in online multiplayer.

Kat-B320 Xbox 360 Avatar

Playing multiplayer naturally is all it takes for most players to get her Avatar Award, as killing a player who just killed your teammate is simple and comes naturally. The rest of her armor was available for purchase, along with the rest of Noble Team's armors (except Six0 at the Avatar Store accessible from the Xbox 360 Dashboard, though it is now impossible to view, and thus, impossible to buy. The armor lacks her prosthetic arm.

Gears 5

Kat is featured in the Halo Reach character pack in Gears 5. While in Halo she uses weapons from that universe, she uses weapons from the Gears universe in Gears 5. She is a playable character in Horde and Escape modes. She and Emile, as part of the character pack, come with the ultimate edition of the game. Her ultimate ability is called Decoy.


Noble Team

  • Carter-A259- Her close friend and leader. He is presumed to be her closest relationship, as teased by Bungie employee and developer Martin O'Donnell.
  • Jorge-052- Teammate
  • Jun-A266- Teammate
  • Emile-A239- Teammate
  • SPARTAN-B312- The only member of Noble Team that Kat did not get along with. The enigmatic and intimidating replacement of Noble Six was meet with skepticism by Carter, and Kat too apparently held mixed feelings for Noble Six. While her emotions are not easily noticed, if the player decides to kill a bunch of allies, Kat will yell "I knew it as soon as I saw you!", revealing how she truly feels about the new Noble Six. "So this explains all of the black ink." also shows her acknowledging what she thought of Noble Six. Alternatively, she may compliment Noble Six at times if the player is doing a good job. Her complicated relationship with Noble Six leads to her acting as his teammate and helping him, but her doubts seem to never leave her mind.
  • Thom-A293- With Thom, it is shown that Kat cares deeply about her teammates, as Thom's death haunted her for the rest of her career, and she blamed herself for Thom's death, even if it wasn't her fault. Her feelings towards Thom, while not romantic whatsoever, are a factor to why she cannot accept or trust the new Noble Six, among others.


Uncommon for a Spartan, she was noted to have incredible hacking and cryptoanalysis skills. Her skills were so good that there is said to be no system she is unable to crack. In the game, Kat is very invaluable to Noble Team's progression, as she is the one who opens doors or bypasses security systems. She has even bypassed limiters that prevent SPARTAN armor to overheat, which greatly improve all aspects of physical performance. By doing this, she has created abilities such as Armor Lock and Sprinting (enhanced speed, they should already know how to sprint), along with others. These "Armor abilities" are a new and key feature in Halo: Reach. Her importance to Noble Team is further indicated by her being Noble Two, Noble One's right-hand.

While definitely capable of combat, she is supposedly not as good as all the other members of Noble Team. SPARTAN-B312, Carter-A259, Jorge-052, and Emile-A239 all excel at either close or mid-range combat, if not both. However, Kat is more of the support type. She only carries basic weapons such as a M6G Pistol, and sometimes an assault rifle. In fact, she is the only Spartan besides Jorge that doesn't carry a combat knife, but this is understandable as both have different specialties, with Jorge's being hacking and Kat's being hacking. Her combat potential should not be underestimated however, as she states that her prostethic arm is strong enough to punch through a Spartan's visor, giving her super strength even among Spartans, though she has never been seen using this in combat.


  • While Spartans according to lore should easily be able to drive even in battle, in gameplay, Kat is terrible at driving, a gameplay tip that many Halo players know and joke about.
  • She is voiced by Alona Tal.
  • Kat is part of the Halo Reach character pack in Gears 5, alongside Emile.
    • In accordance with her support role and hacking abilities, her class in Horde mode is Engineer.


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