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Kat is a supporting character in the DmC reboot and serves as Dante's guide for much of the game. She is able to see into Limbo as well as project her astral form into that side-dimension, and is also familiar with several Wiccan spells.

In DmC

Kat is a psychic girl who was orphaned for unknown reasons and was rasied by a demonic step father who "attacks" her every night.

She went into limbo to escape and until she met vergil who came to her call for help. He convinced Kat to help him rid of the demons and later killed her foster father.

Powers and Abilities

  • Astral Projection: Kat's soul can transverse Limbo throughout Limbo leaving her body behind temporarily. She claims to have no true control over this ability and it only occurs in the events of extreme stress or psychosomatic episodes.
  • Extrasensory Perception: Even without Astral Projection, Kat is able to perceive into Limbo and use some spells to interact with it. While peering into Limbo, she is affected by things happening there. She even stated that by getting shot from Limbo, unlike the others in the human world, she will die.
  • Spellcasting: Kat is a highly skilled spellcaster, having been taught by Vergil and even learnt a lot more by herself. She also applies modern techniques to spellcasting. These include;
    • Using a spray paint to store alchemical compounds for quicker spell casting with sigils,
    • Using an egg-timer infused with a spell to manipulate the physics of Limbo for a short time,
    • Using the spray paint formula to make objects which can be interacted with between realms,
    • Using an alchemical Molotov cocktail which destroyed the bulletproof protection of the hunter demon, and,
    • Using a combination of stencils of mystical sigils and her mystical spray-paint to create portals between the realms.
  • Computer Knowledge: She has shown herself to be adept at working with computers, since she was able to erase all of Vergil's data on his hideout's computers, so that Mundus does not get his hands on them.
  • Arcane Knowledge: As a Devil Hunter, she has detailed knowledge about demonic creatures, mystical sigils and creating Spellwork and alchemical compounds.



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