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Katana is an expert sword user. Always on the edge of art and fashion, she is fearless and funky. When she isn't out fighting crime she is usually at school chatting with her sword.

Official Description

Super Powers and Super Gear
  • Expert Martial Artist
  • Sword Master
  • Samurai Sword

Katana wields her sword with art and grace! Always on the cutting edge (get it?) of art and fashion, she’s totes fearless and uber funky. When her skills aren’t being put to the test fighting crime, you’ll find her chatting with her sword...it's like her pet!

High Fashion

Her style packs some serious punch! Katana blends her love of art and fashion to create a look as unique as she is.

Sword Skills

Katana's sword is an extension of herself and in her hands it becomes an instrument of living precision. Maybe that's why she often talks to it like it's so much more than a sword to her.

Expert Martial Artist

When she’s not kickin’ it with her friends, she’s kicking things in the gym, sharpening her martial arts skills.


Katana has pale skin, long black hair with a streak of red, and brown eyes. She wears a white face mask with a red dot in the middle, as well as a set of grey, black and red samurai-inspired armor. She also has some dark grey leggings and white strapped knee-high boots, along with her sword.


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