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Kate is the deuteragonist of Alpha and Omega. She is an Alpha wolf and Humphrey's love interest. She is the eldest daughter of Eve and Winston, the lead Alpha's of the pack. But she starts to fall in love with him as they make their way back to Jaspar. She is, at first, engaged to Garth, but later declares her feelings for Humphrey and they marry. She is mother of StinkyClaudette, and Runt.

She is voiced by Hayden Panettiere in first film and Kate Higgins in sequels.


Kate is a sassy slender wolf who has golden brown fur, a white underside, brown eyes, an average length mane, well-groomed fur, her body is fit for an alpha female and she is also seen with a hot pink flower on special occasions. The pink flower is known to disappear during films.


Kate takes responsibility seriously, which explains why she doesn't like Humphrey's apparent disregard for the well-being of the pack.



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