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Kate is the protagonist in Slender: The Eight Pages, as well as the secondary antagonist and a deuteragonist in Slender: The Arrival. She is Lauren's best friend.


The Eight Pages[]

Kate is the main albeit unseen protagonist of Slender: The Eight Pages. According to Slender: The Arrival, Kate has another friend named CR and they had a habit of going into the woods in the dark with a flashlight as children (which could explain that, in the start of the game, you just have a flashlight).

They would try to scare themselves just for the fun of it. According to a note in the game, they got lost in the dark at some point, and CR ending up hearing a scream that sounded like Kate's. He went to Kate's house to find her and found her sitting in the living room. He tried to get her attention, but failed to do so, and went home.

In Kate's perspective, she was out in the woods finding the eight pages while avoiding Slender Man. Kate ends up having multiple appearances in the game. During the events of The Eight Pages and The Arrival, she is somewhere in her twenties.

The Arrival[]

Before the events of the game, Kate and her friend CR would go into the woods trying to catch ghosts. They would end up hallucinating things and then go to Kate's house. A year later, Kate found herself with a broken camera and weird drawings (possibly drawings of Slender Man). She was then later taken to a psychiatric ward and had some tests performed on her.

She tried to explain to the doctors about what happened, but they didn't believe her. A couple of years after the incident, the doctors thought she was stable enough to go back home. She went back to her place of living after that. She spent some time with her mother, who soon died due to an unknown cause. Kate started to see Slender Man again, and then ended up drawing pictures of him more often.

Kate was also close friends with Lauren during their childhood. They would always play on the swingset outside of Kate's house. This is what made Lauren want to find Kate while having the risk of being murdered by Slender Man or becoming a proxy.

A tape recording in Chapter 4: Flashback shows Kate in her house alone drawing, closing all her doors and shutting all her windows to avoid Slender Man, but he made his way into her house regardless. She tries to escape from him by going into her room, but he follows her and either throws her out a closed window or she tries to leap through it as a last-ditch effort to escape. The tape ends and Lauren is baffled.

In the same day as the game, Kate heads to the woods, but is caught by Slender Man. She screamed as loud as she could, which made Lauren hear her from a distance. She races to the woods only to be stranded in the Oakside Park. Lauren is then captured and gets teleported to different locations.

Chapter 6: Genesis (added in version 1.3) is a flashback mission which confirms that Kate was the character the player plays as in Slender: The Eight Pages.

In Chapter 3: Into the Abyss, in the Kullman mining shaft, the player comes across a proxified Kate. She chases the player for the rest of the chapter (mission).





  • Kate is the first Proxy to be officially announced.
  • Kate's last name is either Milens or Hayes. Her email is "kmilens@bserv.adv.co", that could mean Kate Milens. Also, her mother's name is Hayes, but it could also mean that “Hayes” is her mother’s maiden name.
  • Before the official name "Chaser" was discovered within the game files, debug menu, and Patch 2 notes, many fans gave Kate's proxy form nicknames and mistaken identities. These include: "Slender Woman", "Masky", "Jeff", among others.
  • The physical appearance of the Chaser is possibly inspired by Kayako Saeki. Developer Brenden Frank stated in an interview that The Grudge was one of the scariest movies he'd ever seen. Kayako and the Chaser have many similarities that include having black hair, a pale face and making terrifying noises when nearby.
  • The Chaser suffers from photophobia, a medical condition that causes the eye(s) to become sensitive to bright lights. Additionally, a symptom of photophobia is common headaches. This is most likely why the Chaser gets confused and makes grunting and growling noises after losing sight of Lauren for a long duration of time.
  • Kate is one of the few characters in Slender: The Arrival to speak in dialogue. Others include Charlie Matheson, Jr., his parents, and CR.
  • Kate's Chaser is the only enemy on the game to be chased a number of times before the player gets killed but it depends on the difficulty. This is similar to some games that has a lives system in which there is a number of chance for a player to continue the game before the game over screen is displayed.
    • Easy: Possibly unlimited or a large amount of hits before death.
    • Normal: 3-4 times.
    • Hardcore: 1-2 times.
  • If the player dies after being hit by Kate's Chaser form a certain number of times, the screen will immediately proceed to the screen with the options to try the level again and return to main menu where the static appears.
    • In the latest update, however, static appears and the screen will cut into black where the options to try the level again and return to main menu will appear if the player is attacked by Kate's Chaser form and it is the last chance to survive.


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