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Magic is inherently inconsistent. Sometimes you get a few sparks from a fire invocation, sometimes you summon a chunk of solid plasma from a distant star… and sometimes you're forced to offer a taxidermied rabbit as sacrifice, and nothing happens.
~ Dr. Katherine Sinclair in "Playing with Flames".
If the Library is willing to give access to someone who wants to use that knowledge to blow up hundreds of people, then I'd rather use my Card as a toothpick.
~ Katherine on "The Taking of Dr. Sinclair"'s section in "Black Autumn IV: Nothing To Fear".

Dr. Katherine Sinclair, is a recurring protagonist in the SCP Foundation universe. She mostly appears in the "S & C Plastics" canon, being one of the more recognizable characters originating from the canon. She is a thaumaturgist working for the SCP Foundation in Site-87 located in the anomalous town of Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin.



Katherine Sinclair was a thaumaturgist of half-Irish descend. When she was teenager around 2001 she began dating Ben Carlisle and as a result became involved with a more violent sect of the Serpent's Hand led by Carlisle who were willing to conduct sacrifices to achieve their goals. When Carlisle attempted to atomize her alma mater because of a grudge on a faculty member Katherine fought back and burned him alive along with the sect before being captured by the SCP Foundation who later recruited her since she was willing to cooperate with them. However, when she first joined the Foundation, she was largely disrespected by personnel because of her previous ties with the Hand. Since she was a thaumaturgist and a Type-Blue humanoid with some knowledge on magic and the occult she was assigned to Site-87 in Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin where she became the only member of the Occult Studies and Thaumatology division. During the burning of the Gulf of Mexico in 2007, back when Katherine was a Junior Researcher, she became part of the joint Foundation-wide operation and met fellow personnel Dr. Brenda Corbin from Site-43. During a Personnel Exchange with the Global Occult Coalition, Katherine met Montgomery Reynolds who acted as an alchemical consultant from the Global Occult Coalition's Sunspotting program, and at first she thought of him as being a usual military-obsessed operative, but quickly became close after learning that they shared a mutual passion for magic.

Working for the Foundation

On July 9th of 2013, they began study various magic rituals as part of their research, but while trying to summon magic flames from the gods Vesta and Vulcan by sacrificing an already dead rat, the gods became displeased from the sacrifice and set Katherine's forearms aflame, forming a scar which read "NON CONTENTI SUMUS". She was quickly rushed to the medical ward by Montgomery, and after bandaging her arms she went on paid medical leave, while being unable to practice magic for the time being and so was forced to exercise her muscles in order to recover. This experience somewhat traumatized Katherine as she stopped attempting to summon fire ever since.

When the Foundation auditor Matthew Broderick arrived to Site-87 to see if the site was following proper procedures and protocol, since the site had been affected by several accidents and didn't use any Class-D personnel, both Katherine and Montgomery prepared themselves in order to leave a good impression on him. However, when she tried to use a magic potion to salve the scars on her arm Katherine messed up the potion's composition and accidentally caused her arm to be covered with fur. Upon meeting with the auditor Katherine and Montgomery tried to explain to him the reason why they didn't use D-Class and make excuses for the accidents, but the auditor didn't seem to be convinced and after writing his report he moved on to the next department on the site, causing Katherine to fear that she may get fired from the job. Thankfully, it appears that this wasn't the case and Katherine kept working for the Foundation on Site-87.

In 15th December of 2014, after Montgomery had left Site-87 to pass the holidays with his family, Katherine decided to use some tomes written by St. Nicholas to summon a Krampus. With the help of Jason Hendricks, Katherine was able to perform the ritual and successfully summoned Krampus. She attempted to communicate with the creature, but at that point Dr. Hastings entered their chamber with the intent of discussing a Christmas tree, designated E-2512, brought by Tristan Bailey and saw the Krampus, causing him to immediately freak out, believing that Katherine had summoned it with the intent of taking over the site. Thankfully, they were able to clear this misunderstanding and the next day Katherine proceeded to bind the Krampus to an object in the lab in order to trap it inside and questioned it about its knowledge on St. Nicholas. During their conversation, Katherine was once again interrupted by Hastings who wanted to discuss with her about some candles from the tree that when broken in half would regenerate and form two new identical ones. However, as she displaced the candles, more candles began appearing and soon the chamber became filled with numerous candles. Seeing that the tree and its ornaments were causing some problems Katherine alongside Bailey and Hastings went to the tree shop where Bailey had bought the tree from. They were greeted by the owner of the shop, an elf from Alfheim who informed them that because the tree was in the vicinity of a Krampus it would cause grave damage to the world. While discussing the case with the Krampus, Bailey and his two brothers, Thomas and Trevor, arrived to help avert the incoming threat posed by the tree and together began decorating the entire site with ritualistic ornaments in order to empower the Krampus so it would fight the anomalous tree once it came to life and attacked everyone. After making contact with an alternate universe version of the Foundation which possessed suitable chambers for containing monstrous trees, the tree came to life and easily knocked out the Krampus before going after Hastings as he had damaged it. Thankfully, Hastings was able to defeat the tree using a mistletoe, allowing the alternate version of the Bailey Brothers to contain it to the alternate universe, while Katherine helped the injured Hastings recover himself before finding out that Dr. Partridge was turned into a pear tree. In the aftermath, Katherine and the rest of the personnel who were involved in the incident became forced to complete various paperwork, while receiving Christmas presents from Isabel Wondertainment V who had arrived to the site in order to get back her friend the Krampus.

When a cult known as Satyr's Reign began reviving history's worst psychopaths in Sloth's Pit as part of their plan to descend the world into madness, the entire town and most of the site had evacuated while MTF Sigma-10 dealt with the problem. Katherine and Montgomery remained back in the site in order to help the MTF in killing the evil zombies. As Elizabeth Báthory was going after MTF agent Raymond February, Katherine and Montgomery hijacked a car and made their way to Báthory, running over Benito Mussolini and Jack the Ripper before crashing into a music store. They then tried to banish her using their magic, but Báthory was more powerful than the other zombies and was unfazed by this, forcing the duo to find an alternate way to banish her. They then decided to combine their banishing spells with music from the store's instruments and attempted to use the spell again which thankfully resulted in not only the banishment of Báthory, but of the other zombies as well. Following that, the town returned to its usual state, while Katherine and Montgomery recuperated themselves.

When a deer-like deity arrived at Sloth's Pit and destroyed several farms, Katherine was joined by fellow thaumaturgist and personnel Dr. Daniel Asheworth from Site-120 and together began going after the deer god. Upon deducing that the creature they were after was another deer god, they decided to call additional help since they weren't qualified in this type of cases. While passing some time inside Jonas' Diners they were joined by Dr. Brenda Corbin, frustrating Asheworth as he had a bad experience with Corbin. After not sleeping well in the ensuing night, the trio went back to the forest where they had investigated the path formed by the deer, and found a hidden building which appeared to have been abandoned by its owner after being attacked by the deer. They then found some gray goo left behind by the creature and decided to follow the traces which led into the forest. As they followed the mysterious material left by the deer and arguing with each other, they came across a place covered by cobweb-like material before realizing that nighttime had already arrived and were left in darkness. After lighting small magical flames to use them as flashlights and potential attacks, they kept following the trail of the gray goo and after freeing a hare that had been trapped by the goo the trio finally came across the deer god, which proceeded to transform into a spider-like horrifying creature which was able to capture both Asheworth and Katherine, while Corbin tried to run away only for her to end up at the creature's nest where Asheworth and Katherine were enveloped inside cocoons. After scaring the creature, Corbin tried to rescue them, but seeing that she was unable to carry both of them she only got Asheworth and promised Katherine to come back for her. After being freed from the cocoon, Asheworth and Corbin formed a plan to kill the creature which involved Asheworth igniting flames around the forest while Corbin lured the creature into a pit under a massive tree which would fall on it. The plan was a success, as they were able to trap the creature inside the pit and while Asheworth prepared a magic ritual on the creature Corbin went back to the nest and freed Katherine. Upon being free from the cocoon Katherine quickly began helping Asheworth in his ritual to banish the creature; however, it didn't work as the entity still remained and it became much more furious than before, causing the trio to run away. Unfortunately, because of the fire engulfing the forest they found themselves in dead end and soon were confronted by the creature. Thankfully, Montgomery alongside armed forces arrived in a helicopter and after injuring the creature further joined Katherine and Asheworth and together properly executed the magic ritual, which successfully banished the creature for good, and its real name was revealed to have been Hr'sthnpol. Following the banishment of the hideous god, Katherine returned back to Sloth's Pit along with Montgomery, unaware that the creature was able to evade its banishment and remained within the forest.

On Christmas of 2016, after most researchers of Site-87 became infected by Class-5 lycanthrope Ian Kramer, Katherine was among those infected who began slowly transform into a werewolf. Thankfully, Virginia Bering of the Department of Anomalous Diseases and Medicine and Hendricks were able cure her by giving her some nutmeg. She then rushed out of her office to find more nutmeg to cure the infected personnel, but was unable to find any. Thankfully, someone had distributed some nutmeg powder in through the vents, curing everyone. After Bering, Hendricks and MTF Sigma-10 neutralized Kramer, MTFs Beta-8, Gamma-20 and -40, Rho-16, and Omicron-94 arrived at the site to handle the incident, with Katherine helping along the way.

On October 20th of 2017, after Sloth's Pit was evacuated due to a Scarecrow attack Katherine, Montgomery and February were instructed to collect magic readings from throughout the town. After doing a spell on an old wishing well near some lumberjack housing in New Toronto, a nearby leyline broke, meaning that a haunting was about to take place. As they were about to leave, the Goatman emerged from the trees and under the influence of the fear caused by the scarecrows began attacking the trio with its axe. As the Goatman pursued them, Katherine attempted to form a stunning spell in order to give Montgomery and February more time to escape, but the monster interrupted the spell, causing it to release a powerful flash of light which temporarily stunned both of them. However, as Montgomery tried to help Katherine the Goatman got back on its feet and got hold of Katherine before bringing her to its residence, Koch's Hovel. Upon arriving, Katherine was able to get free from the Goatman's grasp and began using her remaining energy to form a sigil out of ash in order to bind it. Montgomery then arrived and attempted to help her, but at that point the Goatman broke the sigil due to Katherine being unable to do it correctly, forcing Montgomery to use his saber to fight against the monster. Thankfully, after being reminded that the Goatman was in actuality a tulpa created from Sloth's Pit urban legends Montgomery used his willpower to tell the monster that he was not afraid of it which caused the Goatman to return to its normal less hostile state. It then informed them that the reason why all of this was happening was because of the return of the Black Autumn and told them that they needed to leave immediately. Following that, both Katherine and Montgomery confessed their feelings they had for each other and decided to enter a relationship after recovering. However, in 30th of October, as SCP-097-01, in which the powerful witch known as Mavra Isimeria the Black Autumn resided, began forcing the children of Sloth's Pit to come to it, Katherine alongside other personnel from Site-87 began formulating a plan to stop the evil pumpkin from harming the innocent children. During the attack on SCP-097 Katherine and Montgomery joined MTF Sigma-10 in the attack, eventually coming face-to-face with the Black Autumn. As she declared that she would be free and cause destruction and suffering, the Foundation personnel kept attacking the Back Autumn while Katherine fell unconscious from the witch's attack. As the Goatman, the Hook-Handed man and Singing-or-Sinning Jessie arrived to help the personnel in killing the Black Autumn, Montgomery was able to wake Katherine up just in time to inform everyone that they should destroy SCP-097-01 since the Black Autumn's spirit was bound to it. As the team distracted the evil entity with their speech, the Goatman cut the fuel line that was part of the truck which carried SCP-097-01, allowing Katherine to set the evil pumpkin aflame thanks to her magic which was amplified by her singing a Halloween-themed song. With SCP-097-01 destroyed the Black Autumn finally died, but soon everyone became trapped within Zone-SCP-097 as the entire zone became engulfed in flames. They tried to escape via the way they had entered, but the old Ferris wheel then began falling onto them. Thankfully, as they prepared for the worst, the bodies of SCP-097's victims, which included former Archivist I. H. Pickman, came to life and stopped the wheel from falling, allowing everyone to escape. In the aftermath of the chaos, everyone decided to celebrate their victory in the Black Garden bar. The next day, Katherine alongside other personnel involved in the crisis were rewarded by Director Nina Weiss with the Foundation Star since they all had worked so hard to keep the entire town safe. Then at 6:00 pm, the entire staff at Site-87 celebrated the annual Halloween party, with Katherine dressing up as a fox, while Montgomery dressed up as Harry Dresden.

In 2018, after personnel looked over the notes written by the late archivist Pickman about the nature of the narrative embedded within their reality, Katherine helped Dr. Jonathan West, Tristan Bailey and Dr. Cassandra Pike in grouping Pickman's findings into a new SCP-001 proposal, naming it the Law of Narrative Causality. As part of a test to see if the Pickman-Sinclair Narrative Fluctuation Detector functioned correctly Katherine and Montgomery began acting as part of script in order to manipulate the Narrative within baseline reality. The test was success as the Goatman was summoned as part of the narrative's trope and further explained to the duo how the Narrative worked, stating that they as characters weren't fictional, but were part of a fictional setting and that the Narrative itself maybe alive. After reporting this additional information to the others, they all decided to find a way to purge the malignant narratives such as the anti-climax from the Narrative of the universe by using a magic ritual on Jason Hendricks who had been constantly affected by malignant narratives. Upon completing the ritual they were able to confirm that the Narrative was indeed alive as it could also feel a form of pain. When famous Foundation researcher Philip Verhoten returned to Site-87, Katherine and the other personnel contributed to his latest book titled S & C Plastics: The Story of Your Life which was a collection of events that happened in Sloth's Pit told by the personnel of Site-87.

While pataphysicist Kimba Laslow was struggling with her work after the fictional characters of various books got intermingled with each other, Katherine tried to cheer her up, telling her to take it easy and inviting her to the site's poker night. After Katherine tried grab an item from a copy of Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire she found herself in a fight between Laslow and the character of Nigella Lawson with magic powers. After both Katherine and Laslow were able to banish the character, they played a game of poker with the other personnel, with Laslow winning because of the trope of the Narrative.

While returning to Wisconsin after travelling abroad, carrying a wolf costume and a magic staff, Katherine was picked up by an UIU agent who informed her that they required her help in in one of their cases. He later introduced her to his partner Ari who informed Katherine about a massacre at a Foundation site and the theft of an entire genre of books from the Wanderer's Library and suspected that the culprit was an interdimensional traveler who was associated with a black queen chess piece. After this, all three of them went to Tristan Bailey since he was an expert on things related to interdimensional travels and upon presenting him the chess piece he deduced that it must have been the Black Queen. The two UIU agents then made a deal with the Foundation personnel in which the personnel would grant them information they had on various versions of the Black Queen which they had encountered while the agents upon capturing the one responsible for the crimes would bring her to the Foundation.

On July of 2018, while Katherine and Montgomery went to an abandoned house in 44 Elm Street in Sloth's Pit after some people found an object which possessed similar properties to SCP-426 and a graffiti which resembled a thaumic glyph used in Germany. Katherine decided to go inside and explore the house while Montgomery remained outside to configure some equipment. However, upon entering the building the house gained properties similar to SCP-2856, causing Katherine to become lost and finding herself in a farmhouse where her phone and GPS had no signal and the sun outside was not moving. She then came across several instances of SCP-2856-2, creatures made out of various house appliances, which included a humanoid with a toaster for a head and a giant spider-like creature made from a water heater which used its web of insulation to tie Katherine before bringing her to the kitchen. There Toasterhead attempted to turn Katherine into another humanoid similar to them by making her drink freon, but she was able free herself after noticing several cats, one of which was made out of human ribcages, and used her blood magic to give mental orders to the cat which proceeded to distract Toasterhead and startle the spider. Upon freeing herself Katherine ran to the exit while using her blood magic to fry all of the house's electronics, and ended in the field where she proceeded to fall. She was then found two weeks later collapsed on the roadside and was rushed to the hospital where Agent Stuart Jones transcribed Katherine's experience as part of protocol.

On October 14th of 2018, after memeticist Ryan Melbourne realized that most of Site-87 personnel had been replaced by identical humanoids he used sound meme he created on the site's intercom to direct human personnel to the second surface level, while not alarming the humanoids. However, only Katherine was affected by the sound meme as she unknowingly went to the surface level where Ryan explained what was going on. They then with the help of the real Tristan found the twins Blake and Ruby Williams who were also not replaced before proceeding to wake agent Alice Carol from her coma as she had most likely been attacked by the entities. After also finding Robert Tofflemire was also not replaced yet, the group made their way back to the department of memetics where Ryan had Alice listen to another meme which made her remember the entities' attack on her. She explained to the rest of the group that she had been dragged into SCP-4040, a physical plot hole within Sloth's Pit, where she encountered the entity responsible which was a living story as it absorbed ideas in order to mimic people. As part of their plan to save Sloth's Pit and Site-87, Katherine alongside Seren Pryce and February went to the now abandoned Zone-SCP-097 in order to see if it could protect them from the expanding SCP-4040, before being joined by Tofflemire, Carol and Melbourne. Thankfully, both Tofflemire and Carol were able to save everyone after defeating the entity, whose name was revealed to have been Pit Sloth, but causing some damage to the local Narrative.

After the Foundation discovered SCP-4854, anomalous knockoff books of the Cthulhu mythos, Katherine was assigned to study a copy of SCP-4854-A which claimed to be the Necronomicon. At first she was baffled by the content inside the book, considering it a cheap parody of the actual source. However, as she kept studying it and executing spells found in it, Katherine slowly became affected by an organic psychoactive substance laced within the pages causing her to hallucinate and slowly becoming mad while not remembering some of her actions. This reached a point in which Katherine began consuming the pages of the book, until she was found by other personnel and was sent to the infirmary where she eventually made a full recovery.

When the Foundation discovered, SCP-5004-A, Katherine Sinclair, alongside other notable Foundation personnel, had discussion on the matter, recognizing the anomaly as a dangerous demon that threatened reality, and eventually they decided to help Donald Trump be elected as the new President of the United States in order to use his reality sink powers to keep 5004-A at bay, designating him SCP-5004-B. Following the defeat of SCP-5004-A, Katherine and her coworkers formed the Special Committee Regarding Robert Mueller's Investigation which replaced the Ledermann Commission and subsequent Project Whirlwind, and oversaw direct assessment and analysis on information control effort regarding SCP-5004-B.

After February and Weiss were attacked by some being and sent to the hospital, Katherine assisted Gwen Liao in helping Weiss recover from her injuries while remarking on how she became younger. After a long night of working during the chaos, Katherine and Montgomery received an alarm about a spontaneous cult activity happening somewhere in Sloth's Pit. However, it was soon revealed to have been a trap set by a Phobic Entity taking the form of Ben Carlisle who ambushed them and took Katherine to a Stor-4-U on the outskirts of town where it trapped her inside a circle of salt. Thinking itself as the real Ben Carlisle it used some metal picks to hit several of Katherine's acupuncture points, paralyzing her and threatened Katherine that if she didn't burn the entire Foundation site along with the personnel it would lobotomize her and take away her ability to use magic. However, Katherine not only refused to obey to it but also began mocking it, saying that if it was indeed the real Carlisle who had come back from the dead then it meant that it was forever trapped within Sloth's Pit due to the place's anomalous nature. As the being was becoming more agitated as a result of her mockery of it, she mentioned how the real Carlisle also used to lash out when he lost control of the situation, causing the being to realize that what people are really afraid of is being in control and so it decided to straight up kill Katherine by impaling her left eye with an ice pick. Her body was then found by Alison and Tofflemire who fell in shock and grief upon seeing what had become of her, but when Alison approached her body a keyboard formed on Katherine's skin since Alison had become a pataphysical entity and decided to use it to manipulate the Narrative as she did with February in order to revive her. Alison proceeded to manipulate the events which led to Katherine's demise, having Katherine spat on the salt circle, smearing it and causing Katherine to regain some of her magical powers but it still led to her demise because a malignant narrative had been formed which prevented Alison and Tofflemire from saving Katherine. Thankfully, the duo were able to save Katherine by having Carlisle only stab her eye but not her brain, allowing Katherine to survive and destroy the entity before she fell unconscious and was subsequently rushed to a hospital where she recovered. After those events, in January 17th she and Montgomery went to Sarasota, Florida to check a bookstore owned by a friend of Montgomery. There Montgomery gifted Katherine a signed copy of the book Good Omens and after opening it she found a beautiful ring, at which point Montgomery proposed to her to which Katherine accepted.

One day Dr. Justine Everwood of Site-55 came to Sloth's Pit in order to do more research on the Union, a local paranormal group of carpenters who build and fix various buildings. Katherine met with Everwood and introduced each other. After Katherine explained to Everwood the nature of the Union they began talking about some of their own experiences while working. As they kept talking, they realized that maybe they were being affected by the Narrative and feeling a bit uncomfortable they both decided to part ways and go back to their work.

On January 2021, as Site-87's personnel refused to have sessions with Dr. Palmer about their increasing psychological problems, Katherine planned to force them into discussing their issues with him, by setting a mystery regarding the deletion of Melbourne's password into SCiPNET. After the auditor Dr. William Wettle from Site-43 arrived to investigate the case, Katherine with the assistance of Sinning Jessie, put on costumes that made them appear like female cyborgs and named themselves the new local Legends the "Leet Phreaks" in order to take the blame and become the villains in Wettle's narrative character and give him character development since he was generally regarded as a jerk and joke researcher. They both proceeded to battle MTF Sigma-10 outside of Site-87 demanding that they hand Wettle over to them and stating that their plan was to hack every phone in Sloth's Pit. As both women used their powers to disarm the MTF agents they were confronted by Wettle who told them that they were no match for his intellect and that he was better than anyone else regardless of what they thought about him, and revealed that the password and the interviews were all staged. As Wettle closed his eyes the duo immediately left, making them seem like they had disappeared as a result of not enough people believing in their existence. Palmer then confronted Katherine and Jessie in the Black Garden pub and having figured all out asked them for additional explanation for all of this. After they explained their motives of having personnel at the site have their psychological sessions and give Wettle some character development and a satisfying ending to him Palmer told the women that Wettle didn't receive any character development, the ending was unsatisfying and that he has been permanently transferred to Site-87.


When the Foundation decided to use the S.W.A.N.N. Engine to allow some of their personnel to interact and possibly control the authors responsible for manipulating the multiverse, Katherine was chosen to be the first test subject of the engine, which would temporarily kill her in order for her soul to ascend the upper layers of reality. Although she was able to see the authors with the help of Dr. West and Dr. Bright, this proved to be too much for Katherine as her hair became gray and her throat was damaged during the confrontation and was left in a badly mental and physical state.

When something began using the now destroyed S.W.A.N.N. Engine to kill multiple authors, all of the multiverse became affected by this as the creations of deceased authors were destroyed. In order to find a way to stop this catastrophe, on March of 2029 the Foundation was able to acquire the Shark Punching Center's C.O.R.M.O.R.A.N.T. Device which acted as an equivalent to the Engine and was used by Katherine to send Dir. Bold to kill the one responsible for the murders, but failed. On October 20th of 2033 the Foundation got hold of one of the dying authors, who was designated SCP-5500-Omega-62, and put their mind inside a computer. Katherine tried to interview SCP-5500-Omega-62 but they proceeded to take possession of her and had her vomit some pixelated mass which explained that thousands of the authors had died and their world became alarmed by this, while Katherine collapsed. After waking back up she found that one of the readers, the one reading the events happening, had attached themselves to her thanks to the machine, and together with Montgomery decided to find the being responsible for all of this and stop them. Together the trio checked through different lists in the SCP Foundation wiki website to look for clues, since SCP-5500-Omega-62 suggested that the problem was correlated with a list.

Ending A: If they believed that the killer had used the author list as their hit list, then all three of them are left with no more clues, leaving the mystery unsolved, while the reader got eaten by a tiger.

Ending B (True Ending): If they believed that the killer was targeting influential authors, since the ones that have died were large contributors to the site, the trio come to the conclusion that the main universe along with the multiverse is affected by the readers' headcanons of the SCP universe, meaning that if most people decided to include a specific thing for their canon then that thing became true within the universe, while things ignored by the readers were left outside of the universe. It was then revealed that the killer was in fact Dr. Bright since he disliked his characterization based on "The Things Dr Bright Is Not Allowed To Do At The Foundation". After being discovered Bright tried to kill Sinclair by throwing SCP-963 at her. If the reader chose to stop the amulet from reaching Sinclair, then she and Montgomery kill Bright's current body, and then Katherine used her magic to find all versions of SCP-963 from the multiverse and shove them outside of the realities. Following that, Katherine and Montgomery said farewell to the reader and state that despite defeating the killer the authors and readers would still die eventually and requested them to keep continuing the canon while the Foundation tried to find a plan to preserve themselves. If the reader chose to use their author abilities to save Katherine, Bright proceeded to break down as he realized the damage he had caused. The Foundation then decided to fix the catastrophe by transporting their universe into a place where pataphysics didn't exist which would prevent the authors from affecting the universe anymore.

Ending C: If they found out that the authors weren't actually dead, but the killer instead killed their fictional versions or avatars within the site, this lead the trio to the conclusion that a universe was the headcanon of a reader. This then led to them discovering that their own universe which was suffering from the catastrophe was the reader's headcanon and so Katherine used her magic to put the reader back to the engine, telling them that she planned to cut them from the fourth wall. She was successful as the webpage in which everything was taking place became locked, preventing people from reading or writing.

No Return

When the event known as SCP-6500 began neutralizing all of the anomalies and magic due to the Foundation containing most of them, Katherine became dismayed at the magic surrounding the world slowly dying. While pondering near SCP-4040 which had become non-anomalous, she saw what appeared to be a shining meteorite coming near her. Feeling some of her magic returning Katherine used to catch the meteorite-like object which was revealed to have been a powerful glass construct filled with magical power which restored the pit back to its anomalous state. Upon realizing this Katherine went back to her lab where she discovered that the object was part of the Oriykalkos Codex, a crystal used to store magic but was shattered into multiple pieces which were scattered through Earth. Seeing that the crystal could help her stop SCP-6500, she and her husband Montgomery went on a quest to find all other pieces of the Codex.

They went to Site-43 in order to use Dr. Blank's Orbital Anomaly Tracking System to locate the other pieces. After sometime in Sote-43 they discovered that on-site personnel Philip E. Deering had found a piece of the Codex and dreamed the locations of the other pieces. However, at that moment they were confronted by SCP-5866, the mythological Tiamat and her companion former Foundation personnel Brenda Corbin who demanded that they surrender their pieces of the Codex to them so they could fix the world. Montgomery argued that they had a better chance to fix stop the Impasse themselves and used Deering's piece to restore Tiamat back to her original form, prompting the goddess and her companion to leave them continue their quest. Katherine and Montgomery then went to Hy-Brasil where Katherine met with Lord Blackwood while Montgomery went to speak with the High King Delbáeth. While Blackwood and Katherine discussed about the death of magic, the GOC's attempt at controlling what was left of magic and O5-0, David Bowe of the GOC tried to escape with the piece of the Codex from Hy-Brasil, but both of them were able to injure him and get the third fragment.

While Montgomery went to Louisiana, Katherine proceeded to travel to Puerto Extraño, or Nx-572, a Nexus in Antarctica where every lifeform was mutated by a mysterious alien terraformer, which included the colonists from Argentina who had turned the Nexus into their community overseen by the Foundation's Site-572. She attempted to convince both the site director Miguel Galvan and Philip Verhoten, who was visiting the Nexus, to give her their piece of the Codex so she can help stop the current Crisis, the two feared that if she were to take the piece then the Nexus would succumb to its death so they refused and after knocking her out had Katherine imprisoned. Thankfully, when Verhoten entered her cell to apologize, Katherine used her magic to put him to sleep along with the rest the site staff and then proceeded to take the fourth piece and leave the Nexus to reunite with her husband in La Rue Macabre. There Katherine and Montgomery tried to argue with the Nexus' leader Old Man Nancy that they were here to help and that they needed a piece of the Codex under their possession, but Nancy refused and instead attacked them as he and the residents had a very antagonistic relationship with the Foundation except for MTF Beta-2. After Nancy took Katherine's pieces of the Codex Bowe's group of former GOC operatives came to La Rue and attacked Nancy in order to seize his piece for themselves. This resulted in the entire population of La Rue Macabre to retaliate, while Nancy transformed into a giant spider. During the end of the battle, Nancy let Katherine and Montgomery go and gave them back their pieces of the Codex which allowed Katherine to properly revitalize La Rue.

Katherine and Montgomery then went to a facility of Wilson's Wildlife Services in Boring, Oregon, since the facility had obtained one of the Codex's pieces to revive its anomalous animals. When they tried to convince Faeowynn Wilson, the owner of the Wilson's Wildlife Services, to hand over the piece she got angry and unconsciously caused all of the animals contained by Services to break out. Wilson proceeded to use her piece of the Codex to control the animals, but after Katherine was injured by the attack of a clawed unicorn that Wilson was riding in an attempt to get the piece, Wilson surrendered herself to the police, while Katherine was sent to Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland. As Bowe's GOC operatives arrived at the Hospital, Katherine and Montgomery used a Way hidden within the hospital's elevator to travel to Deer College in Three Portlands to claim the last piece. Upon entering in Deer College's science campus they found that all of the residents had left the Three Portlands, leaving the Mayor, the genius loci which comprised the Nexus, to be awaken by the Codex's piece and reshape the city into a human-free natural habitat. They found the last piece hanging over Deer College's campus seal and just as they realized that it was a trap both of them were ambushed by Bowe and his forces. After explaining to Katherine that his plan to take over what remained of magic, Bowe had his agents shot both Katherine and Montgomery allowing him to claim the Codex from Katherine. As Katherine and Montgomery were for dead, Montgomery revealed to her that he had secretly gotten Nancy's piece during the fight in La Rue Macabre and together they used it to sustain themselves enough for Foundation personnel stationed at Deer College to arrive and give them medical assistance. Thankfully they were rescued just in time and were brought back to Site-87 in Sloth's Pit, but found out that Katherine's unborn child had died as a result of her injuries. There they decided to organize their funerals to let Bowe and his forces believe that they had killed them. Manipulating the residual Narrative still left in Sloth's Pit, Bowe and his Coalition operatives invaded the town during the funeral, but the Foundation personnel and local residents were able to fight back and greatly deterring the Coalition. During the clash, Martin Bowe was able to enter the site and went to the director's office in his attempt to assassinate them, but was instead met with Katherine and Montgomery. He then attempted to use the Codex to subdue them, but because the artifact became attuned with their being this attempt failed which allowed Katherine to use a rite to steal the Codex from Bowe's possession while the Malignant Narrative associated with Bowe caused him to go under cardiac arrest. The Foundation then proceeded to use the Codex, designating it SCP-6500-α-Codex, alongside other artifacts to stop SCP-6500 for good and save the anomalous.

When an antimemetic and pataphysical monster attached itself to Pataphysicist Kimba Laslow to use her to feed on her memories and stories she jumped into, causing disturbance in the town Sloth's Pit, Alison Carol, who was only one able to notice the creature, summoned a pataphysical construct of the late Marion Wheeler to help them defeat the monster. After Laslow attempted to poison the monster by bringing it to a secluded well, Wheeler, Carol and Sinclair joined her, but were all affected by it. Upon reaching the well, Wheeler decided to threaten Laslow with a gun in order for her remember part of their plan which they had forgot. This worked as Laslow was able to remember part of the plan and pulled out her copy of Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space" and together jumped inside the story, and while within the story Wheeler then threatened Carol for her to remember the other part of the plan. This also worked as Carol remembered and began using her powers to bring them back out of the story, while taking the setting she had manipulated within the story with them. This resulted in the monster manifesting itself and attempted to attack them, but Sinclair was able to kill it using her magic which was amplified by her piece of the Oriykalkos. After that, Marion stepped over the edge of the well before disappearing, leaving both Laslow and Sinclair confused at who she was.


Katherine Sinclair is described as a short young woman possessing hair the same color as the magical fire she produces, and pale skin with freckles. Following a failed attempt at summoning magical flames, Katherine’s forearms were burned because of the gods' dissatisfaction with the scars left from the flames forming the words "NON CONTENTI SUMUS". After an attack by a Phobic Entity taking the identity of Ben Carlisle, Katherine lost one of her eyes, forcing her to use a prosthetic eye, but during the event of SCP-6500 she used the Oriykalkos Codex as replacement eye.

Powers and Abilities

Katherine Sinclair was expert in magic and various rites, spells and rituals, and possessed deep knowledge in the occult. Such magic included pyrokinesis, blood magic and the summoning of various mystical creatures, but was not very good in magic related to animals. When using SCP-3277, a set of seven lacquered magical wooden walking sticks, Katherine was able create weak golems resembling Olaf and produce coins from behind of people's ears. While using the Oriykalkos Codex Katherine magical powers were amplified exponentially despite the damage brought on by SCP-6500.

During her time with the Foundation Katherine also learned about pataphysics, the nature that reality was more akin to a fictional story which could be manipulated by the living force of nature known as the Narrative, designated SCP-001 (I.H. Pickman's proposal). Katherine was able to slightly manipulate the flow of the Narrative by invoking classical and cliché tropes in reality. In SCP-5500 Katherine was able to use her magical abilities to manipulate the pataphysical elements of reality and the narrative, referring to it as metafictional magic.


Katherine possessed a deep passion for the art of magic which was as big as her curiosity and need to experiment with her powers in order to find out more of how they work and as result was very knowledgeable in magic related subjects. She was determined to get anything done regardless of the difficulty those things were, and usually didn't like to be proven wrong on things she was sure were correct or being interrupted. She was very loyal and cheery, caring for her colleagues and friends, spending time with them, helping them whenever she could and always trying to cheer them up during difficult times. She especially had feelings for fellow thaumaturgist Montgomery Reynolds, since they both shared a mutual passion for magic. She always strived to do the right thing and never wished anything ill on anyone who didn't deserve it. She was also quite fearless as when being cornered by menacing threats or opponents she refused to show weakness and always attempted to fight back for the wellbeing of her and loved ones, and never cried under stress.



  • Katherine enjoys the song Do You Believe In Magic since she was a kid.
  • Apparently Katherine was offered membership into MTF Sigma-3, but she turned it down and opted to instead remain in Site-87.
  • Montgomery is seven years older than Katherine.
  • Katherine is a furry.
  • Katherine possessed a copy of Bram Stroker’s Licked By The Lupine Lover.
  • On Christmas of 2018, Katherine and Montgomery went for vacation to Harry Potterland in Universal Orlando where they got some fake wands which they then modified into real magical ones while passing time.
  • When both Katherine and Montgomery feared that she may get fired following their encounter with the auditor, Montgomery thought that Katherine could find a new job in the Horizon Initiative or the GOC if the Initiative wasn't extremely religious and the GOC hellbent on destroying the anomalous.
  • During a furry convention Katherine once saw a performance of Liang-Shun Lim and briefly believed that he was a magician just like her.
  • In the "Aces and Eights" canon, a universe in which the SCP Foundation is set in the Old Wild West, Lt. Katherine Sinclaire alongside Reynolds, Tofflemire, Carol and Weiss investigate the town of Sloth's Pit in which they encounter the Goatman and the Black Equinox's cult.
  • When Katherine first tried to make an excuse to UIU agent Robin she said that she was visiting her sister. It is unknown if Katherine has an actual sister or made it all up.

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