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Katie is one of the titular protagonists of the children's series Katie & Orbie. Her best friend, Orbie, is the other titular protagonist.


Katie is generally cheerful, imaginative, playful, curious, very kind, and friendly with her neighbors. She takes dancing lessons in some episodes of the series. However, she doesn't go to school due to her young age. She, her family, and her best friend Orbie live in a suburb of an unnamed city.

Physical Appearance

Katie is a five-year-old girl about half of Madeline's size. Her hair is blonde, and she almost always wears a green and white striped T-shirt with blue overalls. Her shoes are typically brown.

Katie's species is a humanoid that has beady eyes akin to a Sprixie from the Super Mario franchise. In their juvenile state, they are two feet tall and have a relatively big nose. The adult phase makes them 6 feet tall.

Heroic Acts

  • After he slaps her arm in his attempt to ask if she could give a toy car to him, Katie and her family decide that Arthur would need some conditioning in getting attention. They do so and he learns.
  • Yee Ping's Appendix: Katie and Orbie call for help when Yee Ping gets appendicitis. They also send some "Get well soon" cards while she receives care.
  • Orbie Learns His Address


  • Orbie (best friend and adoptive brother)
  • Wayne (father and friend)
  • Susan (mother and friend)
  • Chance (pet)
  • Mrs. Elaine Parette (close friend)
  • Andy (close friend)
  • Arthur (originally an enemy, but became a good friend)
  • Yee Ping (close friend)
  • Kyra (close friend)
  • Phoebe and Bryn (close friends)
  • Dakota (close friend)
  • Micah (close friend)
  • Tom (close friend and babysitter)
  • Polly (Tom's girlfriend. Close friend.)
  • Belkis (close friend)
  • Charisse (close friend)
  • Miguel (close friend, not to be confused with Miguel Rivera from Coco.)