Sadie, listen to me. You can do this. You are strong and beautiful and like, maybe even smarter than me and plus you're like the funniest girl I know. You have to do this for both of us.
~ Katie comforting Sadie when Katie is eliminated

Katie, labeled The Sweet Girl, is a minor character in Total Drama IslandTotal Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour.

She was a camper on Total Drama Island, and was a member of the Screaming Gophers before switching to the Killer Bass. She does not compete in Total Drama Action or Total Drama World Tour, but appears on the Total Drama Aftermaths of both seasons as a commentator. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

She was voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills (who also voiced Lindsay in the same series, along with Kirsten in 6Teen)


Katie is most notable for being Sadie's best friend. They do everything together, even wear the same outfits which Katie sews herself. Like Sadie, Katie is a sensitive, cheerful, and kind-hearted girl. She's boy-crazy and when she has grown attracted to someone, she (and Sadie) will fawn over him endlessly. Katie can be considered as the more passionate one between her and her best friend. Her biography states that she "thinks with her heart", in contrast to Sadie who "thinks with her head". This may imply that Sadie could be more logical, whereas Katie has stronger relationships than Sadie. She is shown to have a bad sense of direction, a flaw which produces tragic results. Sadie's label of "The Sweet Girl's Friend" may imply that Katie is more independent and capable of making decisions on her own. However, given her thinking habits, they don't always turn out to be wise.




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