I'm Training Cruiser Katori. Don't worry, because I'll teach you various stuff... gently.

Katori (香取?) was the lead ship of the Katori class of three light cruisers which served with the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. It is named after the noted Shinto Katori Shrine in Chiba prefecture, Japan.


She has light brown or silver hair tied into a folded ponytail with parted bangs. She has blue or green eyes. She wears a double-breasted white jacket with gold epaulettes over a white collared shirt and black necktie up top combined with a gray skirt, and pantyhose below.

Her combat gear involves a backpack-like rig holding up a smokestack and two twin-cannon turrets, as well as a bridge carried on a strap like a purse. Her shoes in this mode are armored high-heeled sandals.


She is personified around the role of a teacher, carrying a pointer, (or riding crop for some artists,) and prominently wearing glasses. She talks in a mature, maternal, gentle, but also somewhat flirty tone.


  • Named after the Shinto Katori Shrine in Chiba prefecture, Japan.
  • A training ship from commissioning on April 20th, 1940 to sometime before November 11th, 1941.
  • A combat ship from sometime before November 11th, 1941 until sinking in 1944.
    • Operated as a flagship for various purposes, including for the Sixth Fleet & escort squadrons.
  • Sunk by USS Iowa (BB-61) during Operation Hailstone on February 19th, 1944 off Truk (07°45′N 151°20′E).
    • On the morning of February 17th, 1944, she led a small fleet, including Maikaze & Nowaki, from Truk in a breakout attempt towards Yokosuka, Japan. They were subjected to air attacks before facing a superior surface force. Only Nowaki escaped.
    • Iowa barraged Katori with 5- & 16-inch salvoes, sinking her in 13 minutes.


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