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Katsuhira Agata (阿形勝平 Agata Katsuhira), whom Chidori refers to with the nickname "Kacchon", is the main protagonist of the Kiznaiver series.

He resembles the sin of Sloth. In modern Japan, his sin is "Gudon" (The Imbecile) meaning Idiocy. His identification number that appears when the Kiznaivers experience pain is D-1.

He is voiced in Japanese by Yuki Kaji and in English by Rylan Strachan.


Katsuhira is a tall, slim boy with droopy, grey eyes. He often has an emotionless expression on his face. He had brown hair as a child, however, the majority of his hair turned white in the aftermath of the Kizuna Experiment. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform which consists of a white shirt with black accents on the cuffs and collar as well as a blue tie with a black cross. He appears to be around 176 cm.


Katsuhira is rather indifferent in all situations, whether he feels pain or joy. He is shown to be emotionless and is also shown to be oblivious to the feelings of other people, despite wanting to build bonds. Due to his lack of interest in himself and others around him, he has trouble forming connections, with the exception of Chidori.

However, it seems like his lack of interest started in grade school, as Chidori's love confession stated that she wishes he would go back to his fun and caring self.

Katsuhira, despite having little emotion, does care for those around him, even to the point where he is willing to risk his own safety for the other Kiznaivers, including jumping off a bridge early in the series to prevent Tenga from doing the same thing. His mood barely fluctuates, and he pays little attention to other people. He is constantly bullied, but doesn't feel the pain.

In episode 10, Katsuhira is shown to be a shy yet energetic boy before the first Kizuna experiment. In that same episode, it is also revealed that once he was permanently connected to Sonozaki, most of his pain and emotions went to her, thus leaving his personality diluted, and his attitude towards others indifferent.

However, throughout the series, he gradually returns back to the same kind, thoughtful and sociable boy he was back then. He is also very forgiving, as seen when he holds no grudges towards others despite what they put him through, especially Sonozaki and Tenga as well as his bullies.


While technically a disability, Katsuhira does not feel pain. This means when the other Kiznaivers are affected by someone else's or their own pain, Katsuhira is not inhibited at all. Despite this, he still bleeds and takes damage when his own body is injured. It is later shown that most of his pains goes to Sonozaki due to their permanent Kizna bond.


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