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~ Katsuki Bakugo's battle cry.
Shut up! I'll kill you!
~ Katsuki Bakugo
In the end it doesn't change what I have to do.. I'll become a hero that surpasses even you!
~ Katsuki Bakugo to All Might

Katsuki Bakugo (爆豪勝己 Bakugo Katsuki) is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside All Might) of the My Hero Academia franchise. He is enrolled in U.A. Highschool's Hero Department and is a member of Class 1A.

He is voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto in the Japanese version of the anime, who also voiced at Ghiaccio in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind and by Clifford Chapin in the English version of the anime, the former voicing Accelerator, Cabba, and Obi .


He is a young boy with red eyes, lightly tanned skin, and spikey ash-blonde hair that sometimes comes over his eyes. He has a slim but muscular build and is usually seen wearing U.A. High's standard male uniform, although he omits the tie and sags his pants in typical 'delinquent' fashion.

His hero costume is composed of a tight, black, sleeveless tank top, with an orange “X” across the middle, forming a v-neck. There are two dots along the left line of his collar, indicating the support company that designed his costume. His costume also has a metallic neck brace worn with rectangular ends that have three holes in each side. His sleeves reach from within his large grenade-like gauntlets to his biceps. His belt, which also carries grenades, holds up his baggy pants with knee guards, below which he sports black, knee-high combat boots with orange soles and eyelets. His mask is jagged and black, and as it goes around his eyes, a large, orange-rimmed flare shape protrudes from each side.

In the winter months, he wears a large jacket with a high collar, rather than the usual tank top, although it does have the same orange “X” design, so he can still sweat a sufficient amount, which is how his quirk works.

While interning under Best Jeanist, he wore a pair of blue jeans along with his hero costume rather than his usual baggy pants. His hair was also combed during this tenure, and parted to one side.


At the beginning of the series, Katsuki is depicted as a crude, arrogant, short-tempered and aggressive boy. That behavior goes all the way back to his early childhood days, after being highly praised and put on a pedestal by his teachers and peers for his quirk- inflating his ego to the point of him thinking he's "the best of the best", later resulting in a frustrating mix of an inferiority and superiority complex. After being accepted into U.A. High School and spending time being surrounded by hero students on par with his abilities, good friends, and supportive teachers (mainly All Might and Aizawa), his view of himself and others begins to change. After a long awaited one-on-one battle with Izuku Midoriya, which allowed them both to express their true feelings about each other (revealing that Izuku looks up to Katsuki as his symbol of victory, and Katsuki above all else admires Izuku's spirit), they both settle into a tentative, but true rivalry.

Katsuki smiles confidently when in the middle of a battle. He is incredibly focused on achieving his own authentic victories and has learned to never underestimate his opponents. Katsuki is very talented at fighting, and is also very intelligent and extremely perceptive, capable of strategic planning and holding some of the highest grades in his class- his peers and teachers consider him a natural genius.

Due to the constant praise of his abilities and his powerful Quirk, Katsuki developed a superiority complex, which led him on a long road of failure, self-contempt and anger at the start of his journey at U.A. Later however, Katsuki is able to overcome these feelings, and focus on his goal and working with those around him to achieve it. Katsuki believes a true victory is one with no losses, and complete surrender of his opponents. Sounds like a far-fetched goal, but Katsuki has more than enough determination and will power to ensure he reaches it.

Katsuki values hard work and fair play, and won't acknowledge a winning result if he feels that his victory was not earned fairly. He detests being looked down by others, while recognizing the efforts of those that manage to put up a challenge against him, namely Ochako Uraraka in the Sports Festive arc, Izuku Midoriya post Kacchan vs. Deku 2, and the rest of his classmates.

Powers and Abilities

Katsuki has proven from time on throughout that he is one of the most powerful students in U.A. In combinations with his hard work, talented skills and gifted intelligence, he has shown to be a very capable hero that is able to battle against strong foes and formulate strategic tactis.


Katsuki fighting style

Katsuki using his Quirk through a specific fighting style.

  • Explosion: Katsuki's Quirk allows him to produce powerful explosions. He does this by sweating a nitroglycerin-like substance from his skin which he can then detonate at will. He initially used these explosions for the offensive purposes, but overtime, he has gotten more creative with his Quirk and has been able to use them for defensive purposes, as well as boosting his speed. He is able to continue hold in and fire his explosions at continuous pace, allowing him to break through structures and barriers such as Ejiro's shield hardening and Shoto's ice. He cannot spam his Quirk recklessly, however, as doing so will cause his arms to ache. 
  • Superhuman Strength: Katsuki has shown that he is quite physically strong, being able to content with Izuku Midoriya on multiple occasions through strength alone. He's also able to pin down villains such as Kurogiri with one arm alone. 
  • Superhuman Speed: In combinations with his Quirk, Katsuki can launch himself and travel at incredible speed. His speed is on par with Izuku Midoriya's. 


  • Keen Intellect: In contrast to his violent and aggressive behavior, Katsuki is very smart. He is capable of analyzing his opponent's strengths and weaknesses, as well as formulating strategies of his own, based on his situation.
  • Musical Talent: During the U.A. Cultural Festival, Katsuki reveals he has talent at playing the drums and as such, he played a major role as part of the musical performance.

Former Powers

  • One For All: During the battle with Nine, Izuku transferred One For All to Katsuki, which granted him the ability to stockpile power, enhancing his strength, speed and durability. One For All also provided Katsuki a tremendous boost of power in regards to his Quirk, Explosion. One For All was eventually transferred back to Izuku Midoriya.


  • He is the oldest student in Class 1-A.
  • He can play the drums surprisingly well.
  • Katsuki shares similarities with Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.
    • Both of them are rivals to the main characters (Izuku and Goku).
    • Both of them are arrogant and cocky about their abilities.
    • Both of them look down on their rivals for their status (Izuku for being born quirkless and Goku for being born a low-class Saiyan)
    • Both of them are angrily fixated over their rival's improvement in strength.
    • Both of them get angry when opponents don't fight them at their best.
    • Both of them want to be the best and the strongest.
    • Both of them are reckless whenever it comes to fight.
    • Both of them were initially an antagonist before reformed themselves. However, Katsuki wasn't a villain during his debut, while Vegeta is a redeemed villain who turned into a deutragonist.
  • In the vol.2 of the SMASH Comics (which aren't 100% canon), much to his chagrin, several of Bakugou's "embarrassing" inner thoughts are revealed, including:
    • "It wounds me when people suggest i'm not the nicest guy"
    • "Deku is actually kinda awesome"
    • "U.A is way harsher than I thought it'd be"
  • His goal of "Winning to Save" directly contrasts from Izuku's goal of "Saving to Win"
  • One dedicated fan bought an entire acre of land on the moon, named it after Katsuki, and gifted it to Horikoshi. Wow!


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