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Katsuma and Mahoro Shimano are both major characters in the movie My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising. They are residents of Nabu Island where Class 1-A are sent for their Hero Recommendation Work Project. However, Katsuma is targeted by the villain known as Nine and his group for his cell activation quirk, thus Class 1-A move in to protect the children.

Katsuma voiced by Yuka Terasaki in the Japanese version, and by Maxey Whitehead in the English version. Mahoro voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa in the Japanese version, and by Dani Chambers in the English version.


Katsuma is a timid and soft-spoken boy who, unlike his sister, has shown to admire heroes and dreams of becoming one himself but is also unconfident in regarding the potential risks of his Quirk. Despite willing to aid in his sister's antics at first, he was also willing to go and apologise for disturbing them and making a false report. He also shows to care deeply for those around him, as he was willing to give up his Quirk to Nine if it meant that the villains wouldn't harm anybody else. When Mahoro was threatened by Nine, Katsuma was willing to give up his Quirk if it meant saving his sister's life. Afterwards, Katsuma becomes more willing and determined to master his Quirk and become a hero just like Izuku Midoriya.

Mahoro, while not necessarily a bad kid, has shown some rebellious behaviour. Due to her father working overseas as well as her mother's death, she has shown to be protective of her younger brother. At the same time though, Mahoro believes that heroes aren't as great as they appear to be and used her Hologram Quirk to purposefully cause trouble for Class 1-A by summoning a hologram of a giant mantis villain. Although this came at the cost of Katsuki Bakugo being enraged at the two children and causing them to flee in fear. Afterwards, Mahoro used her Quirk to send an S.O.S. to warn the rest of Class 1-A that Midoriya and Bakugo were in danger, and later cried while seeing them fight Nine showing that she did come around after seeing the young heroes have the willingness to protect them both. Afterwards, she thanks them both for protecting them and joyfully waves her goodbyes alongside her brother.

Powers & Abilities

  • Cell Activation: Katsuma's Quirk allows him to activate the cell's in another person's body through touch, which enhances their recovery time and can even improve their physical conditioning. The power of this Quirk was shown when he used it on both Midoriya and Bakugo, who had both been struck and nearly killed by powerful lightning blasts from Nine's Weather Manipulation Quirk.
    Overusing Cell Activation can drain Katsuma's stamina and cause him fatigue. Unlike his father, he seemed to be able to use this Quirk on anyone regardless of blood type.
  • Hologram: Mahoro's Quirk allows her to create holograms, as shown when she created a gigantic Mantis Villain to fool Bakugo and Midoriya, and later a pink chinese guardian lion in an attempt to scare Nine away. Mahoro can use this Quirk to stage pranks, as well as send emergency signals as she did to warn the rest of Class 1-A that Midoriya and Bakugo were in danger.
    These holograms do not possess shadows, and can be knocked away with enough force or if Mahoro loses focus.


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