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Honor is not a thing to be dismissed or forgotten! A vow must be fulfilled, else it is no vow at all.

Kay is the tritagonist of the 2011 film Season of the Witch, played by Robert Sheehan.


Kay is an altar boy in service to the cardinal who asks Behmen von Bleibruck and Felson to escort an alleged witch to the monastery of Severac where a terrible plague might be ended. His father, Jurand of Vollenbad, was a knight who joined the crusades. Kay was by that time too young to join him. Having heard of Behmen and Felson's deeds in the crusades, he pledges himself to Behmen's service in the quest for Severac and asks for exchange Behmen's vouch so that he may become a knight.

After the alleged witch is revealed to be possessed by a demon in Severac, Behmen tells Kay to leave before the final confrontation. When Kay refuses to go back on his word and abandon the others, Behmen knights him. After the priest Debelzaq is killed before he can finish the Latin exorcism ritual written in an ancient book known as the Key of Solomon, Kay uses his ability to pronounce Latin to finish the ritual and banish the demon from the innocent girl's body. He is then asked by dying Behmen to keep the girl safe. The movie ends with Kay leaving Severac with the girl (Anna) and the Key of Solomon.

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