Kaye, also known as Lady Kaye, is the heroine of The Kid Who Would Be King.

The Kid Who Would Be King

Consumed by cowardice and anger, Kaye starts out as one of the bullies in Alex Elliot's school, often picking on him and his friend Bedders.

Alex discovers Excalibur and pulls it from the stone. Kaye and Lance continue to torment Alex. They engage in a fierce fight, but when a group of Morgana's thugs attack, Kaye drives a car and uses it to drive them back.

When Alex and his friends follow Merlin through Stonehenge to train for battle against Morgana and her forces, Morgana closes in but the wizard saves them. Kaye and Lance continue to fight Alex, but when Lance's bullying goes too far, she has a change of heart and stops him. She turns to aiding Alex and his friends on their journey, even saving Bedders after he falls from his horse. Our hero comes to their rescue after Morgana traps them.

As soon as Alex learns the shocking truth about his father and reconciles with his mother, he joins forces with his classmates - Kaye included - to battle Morgana and her army.

Kaye helps lead the charge and this leads to a ferocious battle. Alex eventually fights and kills Morgana. In the end, after Merlin congratulates them, Kaye remains a firm ally to Alex.


  • Kaye is played by Rhianna Doris.
  • As is mentioned, she learned how to drive by playing Mario Kart.
  • Kaye has similarities to Cera from The Land Before Time, as she starts out misjudging and belittling the hero out of arrogance, but eventually becomes one of his best friends.
  • Her name is reminiscent of Sir Kay, who is one of King Arthur's knights.
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