Kaz Harada is a character from the TV show, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. He is the manager to the girls and is sometimes very comedic.

He is voiced by Keone Young also voices Luong Lao Shi, Jeong Jeong & Super Quasar.


He wears a large pair of round glasses, a black shirt, jeans and black and white sneakers. He is almost bald with only a bit of grey hair on the sides of his head. It is assumed he doesn't shave. For formal wear, he wears a brown tuxedo and wears a brown top hat on his head.


He is very greedy and will do almost anything for money. In episode Brat Attack he even sold Ami and Yumi for ten million dollars to give them to a kid, named Timmy, for his birthday. He would always rush to a show just to get money.

He despises Jang Keng and Tekirai, because Kaz is a constant victim of their mischief. However, He adores his pet dog Domo a lot.


  • His appearance and name are based on Puffy AmiYumi's real-life manager, Kaz Harada.
  • He shares tons of similarities with Eugene H. Krabs but is more heroic than the latter.
  • Most times when Kaz tries to get rid of something or wants something to be done, he uses the contract to make Ami and Yumi do this.
  • In the episode Visiting Hours we find out that Ami and Yumi don't know his last name although they would in real life.
  • In the episode Song Sung Bad it was revealed that Kaz has no talent in singing.
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