Kcalb is the lord of all demons and supporting character of The Gray Garden. He is very unsociable and outrageously shy, while the other is kind and cares about the safety and well being of all. And as it is powerful, do not force anyone to do anything.


Kcalb is a devil with messy white hair and black, curved horns. His skin is white. Unlike the characters in the game though, his sclera is black while his eyes are white/silver with black pupils. He wears a white collared shirt with a black tie, topped of with a black suit jacket. He also wears black pants with black shoes. On his shoulders is a dark grey fur lined coat, it's ends decorated with black diamonds.

Female Kcalb

Female Kcalb

In Garden Gray The his gender bent version is shown to have long straight white hair (similar to Ater). His attire stays mostly the same, except for his pants and shoes which were replaced with a black skirt and thigh length boots.


Kcalb is described to be outrageously shy, often avoiding eye contact when talking to other people. He is also easily flustered and often blushes when Etihw teases him with her playful and flirty comments. Although he may not look like it, he actually has a sweet tooth and in a bonus room video, was willing to start another war with Etihw because of wanting to get the last bite of mochi kinchaku. Thankfully, they're stopped just in time by Wodahs.

In his female version, he is shown to have a typical persona of a tsundere.


  • During the Great War, Kcalb was said to be evil and merciless. His hair was also longer, tied into a ponytail.
  • It was said that Etihw trapped him underground for long periods of time, him, describing it as 'Dark' and 'Cold'
  • Even though he is younger than Etihw, he's usually the one who gets teased about being old.
  • His name is "Black" spelled backwards.
  • Kcalb appears on a TV on the waiting room of the hospital in Mogeko's first game, Mogeko Castle.
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