Don't be misled. Information is the nature of my profession. I've monitored your movements since your arrival.
~ Kei Jinguji

Kei Jinguji is a supporting protagonist in the Neptunia video game franchise, making her first appearance in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2. She is the Oracle of Lastation, who stands in for Noire during her absence.

She is voiced by Yuko Sanpei in the Japanese version and Julie Ann Taylor in the English version.


Kei is a short girl with pale skin and boyish-cut silver hair. Her eyes are a bright aqua blue color and she wears a near-formal black suit with gold lining with many buttons and shorts, instead of jeans or pants. Below the black high socks with white detailing, and slip on black shoes with small blue and silver detailing on the top. Two long tails come from the jacket and have blue coloring inside.


Kei is very dedicated to her work. She is a workaholic and she cannot stand when promises are broken. Hints throughout the game imply that she wishes to become closer to others, but she doesn't know exactly how to do this. As a result, she comes across as slightly clueless but sincere.

She seems to be very smart and sometimes to make people calm, but with sarcastic comments.


  • Kei was initially believed to be the first male character ever introduced in the series, making fans shocked to discover that she is actually a girl.
  • Kei's name is mainly a male name, but in this case, Kei is a woman.
    • Also worth noting, the name Kei has many meanings;
      • In Japanese, Kei (けい, ケイ?) can mean;
        • 圭, "square jewel"
        • 恵, "blessing"
        • 慧, "wise"
        • 慶, "jubilation"
        • 敬, "respect"
        • 佳, "excellent"
        • 桂, "Japanese Judas-tree"
        • 啓, "disclose"
  • Next to Blanc, if one does not count Histoire or Gust, Kei would be one of the shortest characters in game. Not counting Histoire, she is the shortest of the replacement characters in mk2.
  • Kei came in 21st place in one popularity poll.
  • Kei made a cameo appearance wearing a dress in the first episode of Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation.


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