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Keiji Minegishi render

Keiji Minegishi is a character from the Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers.


Youth living in Amami City Akanedai district apartment. Father, mother, a family of four sister (Tomoko). I like in its own way the Amami City of the environment in which net use is equipped with easy terminal equipment. There is interest from a young age to the computer, there also has been blessed with talent, had been hacking as part of the play. Former sister in to follow the real culprit of causing that meets in a traffic accident "continuous hacking incident", was acquainted with hackers that will Crossed Supukizu after. To know the existence of the devil in that you have to get the gun-type COMP "GUMP" to be deformed to cause the hammer, so that it will confront a huge conspiracy that over the Amami city.Does not appear any appearance of Protagonist is during the game in order to increase the sense of unity with the player (displayed part in the later years remake has been 3DS version), in the image illustrations depicted as a boy of short hair came the green clothes It is. In the cartoon version and the novel version of the original name has been set for each work.

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