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Kekko Kamen is a mostly nude female superhero dressed only in a red, rabbit-eared mask, with matching gloves, scarf, and boots.


She uses her body to distract the usually male enemy teacher that she fights in order to protect the young student Mayumi Takahashi. She fights with a graceful and acrobatic martial arts style, as well as often using weapons to aid her, such as nunchaku and a bo staff. Kekko Kamen's finishing move, the Pubic Hair Jump (おっぴろげジャンプ - Oh Piroge Jump), involves her leaping into the air and spreading her legs, distracting her enemy with her groin, and crashing into his face. The impact and distraction causes him to lose consciousness. Many young women get suspected of being the heroine. In the last chapter of the manga, she is revealed to be six sisters who have been among the students and teachers, taking the role in shifts to avoid suspicion. This all culminates in a final battle with the evil principal and his minions, in which all six sisters assume the mantle of the heroine at the same time and take them down.


The main character lurks around a corrupt, misogynistic "high education" high school called the Sparta Academy, where the penalty for any student (usually girls) making the slightest mistake is being sexually humiliated by the perverted teachers running the school, the mastermind being a demonic, jester-like villain named "Toenail of Satan". Before the teachers take their sexual advances too far, Kekko Kamen breaks in and beats up the bad guy before performing a finishing attack by jumping into the air and landing crotch-first onto the opponent's face. In the anime, the impact causes him to lose consciousness. Sprawled unconscious on the floor, the villain usually has a smile on his face. In the manga, Kekko Kamen often kills the villains with her crotch attack, or with a hit from her nunchaku.

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