Kellam is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening

a iaconic, blank faced shepherd whose infamous lack of presence causes him to pass by the others as is invisible. despite his protests, he is actually quite proud of that. the tallest while seated.

born on june 24th.


Kellam's supports reveal that he grew up with five brothers, but his family was very poor, and he never had many commodities that other children had growing up. In a support with Nowi, he mentions that his lack of presence first began when he was younger and still living with his family; since they were poor, they had to share a lot, but he was mean and did not like sharing. Eventually his family got tired of him being so selfish and began ignoring him. This would later have a profound impact in his future, as most of the people he talks to are usually shocked (excluding a few, such as Cherche).

One of his brothers, however, still acknowledges Kellam's presence and they exchange letters according to his supports with Tharja. Due to the war, his brother was evacuated from their home village and his wife is expecting a child. It's one of the driving force for Kellam's efforts in the Shepherds, so that his brother's new family can live a peaceful life.

Kellam is shortly introduced in the Shepherd's garrison where he briefly introduces himself to the Avatar, but quickly fades into the background, ignored. Even though he goes unnoticed by everyone, he still volunteers to be a part of the expedition to get aid from Ferox for Ylisse.

Kellam follows Chrom and the Shepherds up to the Ferox where he goes unnoticed the entire trip, even to the point of waving his arms in the air to get the attention of Chrom with no success. At The Longfort, Kellam deploys himself onto the battlefield; however, because of his lack of presence, neither the Feroxi or the Shepherds notice him at first. Kellam scares Chrom when he "appears", and joins the battle in hopes that he will get noticed.

After the war, Kellam departs from Ylisse for a long journey, but it would take Chrom and the others several years to notice his disappearance. If he marries anyone except the Avatar, his ending will state that his name was "lost to history".

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