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Kelly (Total Drama Presents-The Ridonculous Race).png

You've never won anything in your life, Taylor. Never! Not one race, not one medal. Nothing! (Taylor: Wait, what? My room is full of trophies and medals!) Because your dad bought a trophy store! What kind of trophies come in the mail? And guess who paid your coaches to lie? Yup, Daddy! (Taylor: Beauty pageants! I won beauty pageants! You can't fake those!) Oh honey, when you have enough cash; you can fake anything.
~ Kelly standing up to Taylor

Kelly is the mother of Taylor from Total Drama spin-off Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. She was voiced by Julie Lemieux (who also voiced Josee in the same franchise).


Kelly is a rich trophy wife focused on her looks and desperately clinging to her youth with cool clothes, cool "jams", and being a "cool mom". Though she means well, her parenting has caused her daughter Taylor to be spoiled rotten and ungrateful towards her mother. Kelly's sweet nature however, prevents her from standing up to Taylor and be extremely patient with her. When her parenting is question, Kelly tends to lash out, believing she is a good mother, but in "Hello and Dubai", she realizes the error of her ways and finally puts her daughter in her place. What she lacks in stamina as far as running is involved, she is shown to have a surprising amount of upper body strength, to which even Taylor is impressed by.


  • Kelly's relationship with her daughter could be based on the relationship of Regina George and her mom in the movie Mean Girls, as both are rich mothers who have great patience with their daughters and see themselves as a "cool mom".


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