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Ed...I can't apologize enough. I know it doesn't matter to you, but I...I am sorrier for what I did to you than anything I've ever done in my entire life.
~ Kelly to Ed Mercer.
Ed: You don't exactly look ready to relax.
Kelly: No. I'm not.
Ed: Do you still want to get drunk?
Kelly: Ed...this isn't gonna work.
Ed: You mean us.
Kelly: None of this should have happened. You defied an admiral's orders to protect me, and it sent our science offcier into a 700 year exile. You and I, together...it jeopardizes your command. It jeopardizes the smooth operation of this ship, and it jeopardizes our friendship. It can't happen.
Ed: When I'm really honest with myself, I know that you're right. But that doesn't change the way I feel.
Kelly: I know. But for now, thos are feelings we need to forget. Dismissed, Captain?
Ed: Dismissed, Commander.
~ Kelly explaining to Ed that they can't be together anymore because of the chaos it causes.

Kelly Grayson is the deuteragonist of the sci-fi comedy television series, The Orville. A 25th century woman and a member of the Planetary Union, Kelly was Ed Mercer's wife until their divorce after Ed found her in bed with a Retepsian because she was tired of Ed being more at work than her. A year later, Kelly secretly helped Ed get the captain of the USS Orville as a way to atone for her guilt while becoming the ship's first officer. Despite occasional tensions with her ex-husband, Kelly works the best she can with her unorthodox team across the galaxy.

She is played by Adrianne Palicki who also played Bobbi Morse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wonder Woman in the cancelled Wonder Woman 2011 series and Lady Jaye in G.I Joe: Retalition.


I know this isn't ideal, but she's the only qualified XO available. And the staff profile compatibility program indicated your skill sets complement hers.
~ Halsey to Ed Mercer about Kelly Grayson.

A sympathetic woman, sarcastic at times, professional, determined and kind-hearted, Kelly is generally outspoken but is able to hide things or lie for any cause she deems right. In her youth, Kelly was much more social and considerably less confident, as shown when her younger counterpart was moving back in time and learning about her future, she literally turned the timeline upside down.

Faced with danger, Kelly keeps a cool head and shows resistance when threatened, taken prisoner or even beaten up. She has a tendency to be wary of people who are a little too nice at times, like Prea, but it was also a little out of jealousy of the attention Ed was giving the newcomer. She says that as an officer, it's her job to worry about.

Regarding her relationship with the crew, Kelly gets along quite well with them although she is often teased about the breakdown of her marriage to Ed. Her most positive relationship is with Alara Kitan, having full confidence. in his willingness to prove himself and his dedication. Although she generally gets along well with Bortus, Kelly does not personally approve of the whole Moclan culture. Her most chaotic relationship is with Ed, as despite their mutual respect, she tends to question some of her decisions and choices. Although she regrets cheating on her ex-husband, she generally supports her share of the blame in their divorces due to his continued absences, which usually puts them in conflict whenever he brings up the subject. As their new life together progresses, their relationship has improved a lot.


Growing up, Kelly dreamed of one day becoming a captain, thus following in her father's footsteps as an officer and also dreamed of finding love. In her twenties, she met Ed Mercer and the two had a date that Ed enjoyed so much that he offered Kelly another one the next day, which she agreed to.

They ended up getting married in 2414 but things were not going very well for the couple, Kelly feeling abandoned and alone because of Ed who seemed to put his work before her. As if things couldn't get worse, Kelly met a Retepsian named Darulio four years later and the two eventually had an affair which Ed found out on his way home from work, resulting in their divorce.

Season 1

Using her father's friendship with Admiral Halsey, Kelly ensures that Ed succeeds in securing the captain position aboard the USS Orville. Ed took it very badly that Kelly, whom he had not seen for a year, is now his first officer, especially since she applied for it herself but intends to make another request. to be transferred elsewhere. However, after their first mission which led to the destruction of a Krill ship, Ed was kind enough to keep Kelly on board.

Aboard the Orville, Kelly and her friends went through different adventures as she and Ed being captured by the Calivons to be placed in a zoo, the discovery of a gigantic bio-ship and a new encounter with Darulio, creating tensions between Kelly and Ed.

In "Pria", the Orville saves a scientist named Pria stuck on a comet and Kelly becomes a little jealous of the bond that quickly forms between Ed and Pria so that it turns to mistrust. Kelly's suspicion finally turns out to be true when Pria is revealed to be a thief from the future coveting the Orville for an alien client. The two women subsequently come to blows and Kelly wins, breaking Pria's nose who is erased from existence a few hours later.

In "Mad Idolatry", Kelly crash lands on a Bronze Age planet with the Exploration Team and heals an injured little girl with a healing tool. Returning to The Orville, the crew witness the passage of the planet into another universe so that on its return 11 days later 700 years have passed. They also discover that following Kelly's action, the inhabitants take her for a goddess caring for only those who are worthy. Kelly tries to fix her blunder by convincing a church that she is not a goddess, only so that 700 years later, things get even worse. However, it all worked out when Issac stayed on the planet for the next 700 years.

Season 2

In "Ja'loja", Ed and Kelly try their best to mend their past relationship but Kelly ends up forming a relationship with the ship's school teacher, Cassius.

In "Home", Kelly spends the majority of the episode emotionally supporting an Ed worried about Alara's declining health. At the end, Kelly and the other crew members say goodbye to Alara who has decided to return to her family.

In "All the World Is Birthday Cake", Kelly participates in the first contact on Regor 2 just to be taken prisoner because of her birth month which on this planet is considered a period of birth to people predisposed to violence. She and Borgus, whose birthday is close to her, are sent to a prison camp from which they try to escape but are quickly recaptured and condemned to death. Fortunately, The Orville crew managed to fool Regorians with a fake star, narrowly sparing Kelly and Borgus.

In "Deflectors", Kelly and Cassius' relationship begins to deteriorate due to their seriously differing opinions on their responsibility aboard the Orville, so much so that Kelly thinks they shouldn't see each other anymore. At the same time, Kelly helps investigate Locar's apparent murder until Keyali finds out it was just a staging. Later in the evening, Cassius comes to ask Kelly if she still has feelings for Ed and when she does not answer that she will always have a share of love for him, Cassius announces to her that he has asked to be transferred to another ship. Although saddened, Kelly accepts his departure.

In "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow", a younger version of Kelly is time-shifted on the Orville and her overly laid back aptitude puts her in conflict with the Kelly of the present. When young Kelly is sent back to her time, her memory could not be erased and remembering the revelations about her future, she decides not to make the second date with Ed, changing the future.

In "The Road Not Taken", Following the change in the timeline, Ed never became a captain and the Kaylons destroyed the federation. Knowing this is her fault, Kelly reunites the entire original crew to find a way back to the past. The timeline finally returns to normal when Doctor Finn manages to erase young Kelly's memory.


Kelly: We're about to enter an unexplored region of space. It's not the right time for me to say, "Okay, I'm taking two weeks off. Bye."
Cassius: "It's not the right time." You know, you could be saying that until you're 90 if you don't find some balance. What? What's funny?
Kelly: It's nothing, it's just... I've been on the other end of this conversation.
Cassius: Kel, are we okay?
Kelly: I don't know. What do you want out of this? For us?
Cassius: To keep growing. Getting closer. Maybe, someday, get married. Is that not what you want?
Kelly: I've been married. I'm in no rush to do it again. And with this job, it makes the whole idea even worse.
Cassius: Well, you know, I have a job, too, and I feel like I make it work.
Kelly: Yeah but...
Cassius: What?
Kelly: It's not important
Cassius: No, you can say it.
Kelly: Say what?
Cassius: I'm a teacher. You're the commander of a starship. Your job is more demanding.
Kelly: I didn't say that.
Cassius: No, but you were thinking it. Let me tell you something: You ever...break two kids up during a loogie fight? It's way worse than any Krill battle you've ever been in.
Kelly: I did not imply in any way that my job was more important than yours.
Cassius: You've said little things in the past without even realizing it.
Kelly: Well, I apologize if I have, but I don't think that at all. I have a lot of respect for what you do.
Cassius: It's just not what you and your ex-husband do.
Kelly: What? What does Ed have to do with this?
Cassius: Okay, look, forget I brought it up. Let's just take that trip, huh? We need it.
Kelly: Cassius, I... I don't think we should see each other anymore.
Cassius: Oh, come on, don't overreact to this.
Kelly: I'm not. I just feel like we want different things. You wan a marriage, a family, me working less. And I get that, I really do. It's just not what I want.
~ Kelly and Cassius' relationship is at its worst.
Cassius: Kel, are you still in love with Ed?
Kelly: I'm... I'm always gonna have love for Ed. He's part of my life.
Cassius: That wasn't exactly my question.
Kelly: It's the only way I know how to answer.
Cassius: I'm gonna put in for a transfer. I have a standing offer from the USS Watson to head up their educational program.
Kelly: That's amazing. They're a lucky ship.
Cassius: It's been...a pleasure serving with you.
~ Kelly says goodbye to Cassius so their relationship ends.
Kelly: Hi. Listen... I need to talk to you about something.
Past Kelly: What's up?
Kelly: I'm having real reservations about this whole thing with you and Ed.
Past Kelly: You are?
Kelly: I don't think is a good idea.
Past Kelly: Well... I just figured since you aren't together anymore...
Kelly: That's my point, actually. You didn't experience it, but he was pretty devastated when it endend. So was I. And I just... I know me at your age. I don't want to see him get hurt. I don't want to see you get hurt. I know how this turn out.
Past Kelly: Well, I don't plan to let it turn out that way.
Kelly: I didn't plan to, either.
Past Kelly: But you did.
Kelly: Yeah. That's what I'm warning you about.
Past Kelly: With all due respect, Commander, I don't need warnings. I'm not you. I mean what I say. And if this really is a new timeline, how do you know I haven't found my soul mate?
Kelly: Who are we kidding? You are me. Just a younger, more naive me. I mean, I know myself. I used to say things like "find my soul mate." Well, guess what. You don't find soul mates, you become soul mates by growing together. And if you'd been through this marriage like I have, you'd be wise enough to know that.
Past Kelly: So you're saying you have a better handle on our lufe than I do? Have you seen the hot mess you've made of it?
Kelly: You know what? Forget it. I have to get back to the bridge.
Past Kelly: Wait! Just head-on a minute...
Kelly: Listen, if you want to make a massive mistake...
Past Kelly: And I know you don't want to hear it, but you have to.
Kelly: What ?
Past Kelly: You're not married. You're not a captain. You "maintain a distance" from your crew. There were three things I wanted in life, and you haven't come close on one. You've made my future a disappointment.
~ Kelly argues with a younger time-displaced version of her.



  • Kelly's birthday is November 2.
  • She knows boxing.
  • Adrianne Palicki says her favorite part of the character is when Kelly got into a fight with Pria.