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Kelper Shellcracker Three.

Crabcavators are an amphibious creature in Dinotrux. They are part hermit crab and part excavator. They have six legs: five of them are normal legs, similar in appearance to those of a Shockarachnid, while the sixth leg is a mining drill, similar in appearance to the tail of a Plowasaurus, and presumably used for the same purpose. They are very reclusive, especially if their shell has been lost or damaged. If this happens, they will look for scrap to weld into a new shell, using a welding torch hidden in their larger claw of the two.

Power and Abililty


Melt Metal



When Ty Rux looking for a Pearl and then Kelper Shellcracker Three steal from Ty Rux's pearl and he reteat his home and then Ty Rux, Skya , Dozer, Ton Ton, Revvit find his Home and He make deal with Ty's Friends and If Ty and Revvit make a shell for him and he give to a pearl for Revvit.

Ore hunt

Dozer and Kelper look for purple Org and Dozer shake his head no

Ty vs. D-Structs

Kelper help Ty and his friend to Defeat D-Structs and D-Stroy and Everyone cheer and Kelper too



Kelper is same body as the crab and Kingler

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