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Kendall Perkins is one of the main antagonists-turned-anti-heroine from the Disney animated show, Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil. She is Kick Buttowski's former nemesis-turned-love interest, and the former class president of Kick's class.


Kendall has long, chest-length, blonde hair with a pink hairband. Her stature is notably taller than most of the boys in her class (including Kick Buttowski, Gunther, and Ronaldo), likely a result from early puberty. She has large eyes with no visible irises, and a pointed nose.

Kendall's main outfit consists of a green-and-pink plaid sweater over a white dress shirt, as well as a short, black skirt, black flats, and white knee-length socks.


Similar to Brad and her boyfriend Ronaldo, she is notably antagonistic to Kick, and is very hot-headed. However, unlike the former two, she is relatively more harmless in contrast, as she never causes physical harm to Kick. She is bossy and holds a great deal of responsibility.

Relation with Kick

Initially, Kendall disliked Kick for his daredevil personality, often seeing it as too dangerous and childish, and has at times tried to make his life more miserable by trying to ban daredevil activities, such as skateboarding at school. She would often refer Kick by his first name, "Clarence", rather than by his nickname.

Over the course of the series however, she became more tolerate of his stunts and her relationship with him gradually began to improve. At times, she and Kick actually showed romantic feelings for each other.

In "Dancing With The Enemy", they are forcibly paired together to dance, but eventually enjoy it and compliment each other in the end. However, when an unknown female person in the crowd shouts "Kiss her!", they almost immediately revert back to their old ways.

In "Box Office Blitz", Kick kissed Kendall (pleasently surprising her) in order to hide his face from pantsy in order to evade him. However, as Pantsy left, Kendall grimaced as Kick washed his mouth out with her drink.

In "Hand in Hand", Kendall and Kick get both of their hands stuck together. While working on getting their hands unstuck, they blush and kiss each other (but only to hide it from Ronaldo).

In "Detained", Kendall gets sent to detention by Ms. Chicarelli, and helps Kick get her fired. Later, when Ronaldo asks what got her in detention, she says that it was just a misunderstanding with her favorite pink pen, to which the camera then zooms in on "I ♥ K.B." written on her locker, confirming her crush on Kick.

In "Power Play", during the school's production of Romeo and Juliet, she takes out a peg that had been holding a sandbag on the roof, letting it fall on Ronaldo's head so that Kick takes his place as Romeo. She also says, "Time for that kiss!" and looked disappointed when Kick succeeds in knocking himself out just before the kiss can take place.

In "Poll Position" Kendall smiles and almost breaks into tears when Kick offers to help her.

At times when her relationship with Kick is at its high point, she would refer to him by his nickname rather than his real name.


  • Kick and Kendall share their first kiss together in "Box Office Blitz".
  • She might be reminiscent of Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man, part of the Marvel Universe.
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