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KebdoGarurumon is one of the main heroes and the Beast form of Lobomon. His known attacks are Lupine Laser and Howling Star.

He is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya in Japanese Version and Steve Staley in English Version.


KendoGarurumon is a wolf-like digimon who can move at the speed of light. He is completely covered in white armor with yellow edges and blue stripes. a curved yellow spike is on his chest armor. He has the "Rocket Skates" on each of his feet and The "Howling Blades" on his back.

Digimon Frontier

KendoGarurumon first appears when the group fought against Grumblemon. Koji helped some Gotsumon by replacing a gem into the eye of a rock, and released the Beast Spirit of Light. Koji became the first of the group to Spirit Digivolve with a Beast Spirit, turning into KendoGarurumon and defeats Grumblemon. He had trouble at first controlling the Beast Spirit but quickly got over it.


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