Kendra Krinklesac
Kendra Krystal Krinklesac is a recurring character from The Cleveland Show. She is the clinically obese wife of Lester and the mother of Ernie. Due to her overwhelming weight, and size, she is unable to move on her own, and must ride a rascal for mobilization. Despite already being this drastically out of shape, she will still go on to eat massive proportions of junk food on a regular basis and instead of making an effort to change herself for the better, she just tells herself that she likes being fat. She is voiced by Aseem Batra.


In "Cleveland Junior Cherry Bomb", she helped The Guys figure out the mystery of where Cleveland Junior was, after he disappeared. After her service, the guys took care of it, from then on.

In "Cleveland's Angels", Kendra teamed up with Donna and Arianna to take down a corrupt casino owner, and win back the college funds for Roberta, which had been lost, when Cleveland bet his money on a game, he unfairly lost. Kendra did the job of seducing Slim Biggins, tapping into his fat fetish. This distracted him, while the other two worked on winning the casino game.

In "Fat and Wet", she and Junior protested for equal rights, for fat people.

In "Skip Day", Holt was going downhill on a tricycle, headed toward traffic, which his brakes were broken. Kendra drove downhill after him, and she launched herself off of Lester's trucks and landed in front of him. Her giant Buddha belly bounced him back and saved his life.

In "Tis the Cleveland to Be Sorry", she revealed to have worked as an elf for the Mall Santa attraction every year at the mall. However, when she asked to play the role of Santa that year, she was rejected on account of being a woman. Roberta knew how wrong this was and convinced Kendra that she was a good Santa. Kendra was able to remember that Roberta wished for a black Barbie doll with white Barbie hair, 10 years ago, which was amazing. On the day Mall Santa was supposed to start working, he acted like a jerk and got fired. Kendra heard the news about this and saw how many disappointed kids there were. She then rode her rascal through a blizzard, and made it to the mall, where she became the new Mall Santa, saving Christmas for everybody.


Kendra has yellow hair, blue eye shadow, pink lips, pink shirt, blue pants, and white slippers.

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