Kenny Starfighter is the main protagonist of the swedish sicence fiction tv-series with the same name and the prequel movie Kenny Begins. He was portrayed by Johan Rheborg. In the movie it is revealed he is promoted Captain by the Galaxy hero academy.


Kenny is known to be dim-witted, comical, childish and arrogant but do have a kind side. He loves being in action and adventures even though he would fail many times. After touching Emperor Zing's power crystal he becomes temporarily smart and saves Pontus and Miranda from the meltdown in the Magma tech factory after disposing of Zing's crystal. When getting back to the other galaxy hero academy, he is restored to his original self after General Sudoku reduced his intelligence.


  • All of Kenny's family's names have 'enny' in their names.
  • He likes eating clown ice cream.
  • Kenny seems to be immune to poison as shown when he eats scorpions whole.
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