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Kenneth “Kenny” Cassidy is the overall titular main protagonist of Kenny the Shark.

Kenny is a comical, yet occasionally sarcastic shark with a happy-go-lucky attitude. Kenny was tired of life in the ocean and so he went to live on the surface with humans. He can't control himself when he hears or sees a seal and can become aggressive and unpredictable when he does. Kenny lives in a house along with an 11-year-old girl named Kat (who is the only human who can talk to Kenny) and her family. He loves eating Chum and two other food items he loves; Eel Pops and Seal Pops.

As seen in the intro, Kenny and Kat first met at a pet store, they became best friends instantly. He is a large male anthropomorphic tiger shark, though he lacks the striped pattern that gives this species its name and is a cyan color as opposed to the brownish-gray coloration of actual tiger sharks. His teeth are also much more similar to those of the white shark than the tiger shark, though they lack serrations. He walks on his caudal fin as if they were legs and is capable of surviving on land. He only has six gills with three on each side instead of the traditional ten gills with five on each side that most sharks in reality actually have. He lacks pelvic fins, a secondary dorsal fin, and an anal fin which are present in most real sharks.

Kenny used to overweight because he ate too much but Kat Cassidy was willing to help him but Kat realize she went to far. Despite he's a redeemed villain he can a obsession with waiting to kill Seals so by people's thinking he can be a redeemed villain or just a anti-villain.

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