Yukiden - Kenshin
The heavens whisper to me... to take up arms.
~ Kenshin Uesugi.

Uesugi Kenshin, the God of War. This character perfectly embodies the nickname given to him: he is an extremely fast and powerful warrior, and a cunning tactician. His historical rivalry with Shingen Takeda was preserved in the game: Kenshin considers him as his fated rival, and the man that gives him the highest thrill in battle. His attitude and words towards Shingen at times leave strong suspicions of an interest bordering on romantic affection, but this is simply caused by Kenshin's flowery and somewhat effeminate speech. In fact, a great influence upon the creation of this character is the Takarazuka Revue theatre company, and particularly the type of actresses portraying male roles. Kenshin might look effeminate, and speak in soft and courteous tones, but he isn't someone to be taken lightly. In the game itself he is quite feared by other characters, and always considered a superb match. Along with the aforementioned Shingen and Yoshihiro Shimazu, Kenshin is probably the best commander in the cast, storyline-wise. He is also a fervent believer of Buddhism, especially the God of War Bishamonten (he is even referred to as "Avatar of Bishamonten" sometimes), and stands in defense of the people when they suffer attacks by samurai.

His relationship with the kunoichi Kasuga too reflects a Takarazuka staple, the rapport between upper- and underclassman. While she more or less overtly displays her affection for him, he treats her kindly and lovingly, but always with cool detachment. He is sadly demoted to NPC for Sengoku Basara 3, but can be unlocked as an ally after being defeated by using Yukimura Sanada.




  • Kenshin, along with Mitsunari uses a similar Iaido style to that of Vergil, as seen in Devil May Cry 3.
  • "Kenshin" means spirit sword in japanese.
  • Kenshi's exact gender, as stated in an interview, is not fully stated. It is speculated that Kenshin is a man, however the creator states that Kenshin's exact gender is unknown. This follows historical rumors that Keshin was a woman disguising herself as a man.


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