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Kentaurosmon is Kudamon's Mega form, and one of the Royal Knights. 

He is voiced by Sam Riegel in the English Version.


Kentaurosmon is a bestial Digimon with a human-like upper body and a horse-like lower body with six legs. It has an equine face with a red mane, and purple eyes. Its whole body is clad in Red Digizoid armor, which is decorated with the Crest of Destiny on its forehead and cuisses. It has two yellow wings on its back and a long, flowing tail. The Niflheimr shield in its right hand is red and decorated with eye-like patterns, while the Múspellsheimr crossbow in its left hand is almost as tall as it.

Digimon Data Squad

He first appears in episode 40 to save the DATS team from the Royal Knights.

Back in the Human World, Gallantmon returned to attack them, and not even ShineGreymon and the GeoGrey Sword could defeat him. Kudamon double warp digivolved again into Kentaurosmon, protecting the group once again and attacking Gallantmon with Icy Breath. The resulting explosion cleared, with no sign of either Royal Knight.


  • Icy Breath:


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