Kento Fukamiya was Kamen Rider Espada and was the tertiary rider of Kamen Rider Saber


Kento Fukamiya was born as the son of Hayato Fukamiya in Wonder World. In his childhood, he was friends with Touma Kamiyama and Luna.

During a major conflict, Kento faced the worst part of his life, when his father died, and Touma and Luna went missing.

Sometime later as an adult, Kento received Raimeiken Ikazuchi from Sophia.

After Touma and Rintaro won against the Megid duo, Kento arrived at Fantastic Bookstore Kamiyama atop his magic carpet and greets his childhood friend Touma, though the latter has no recollection of him.

When Touma and Rintaro were attacked by Kamen Rider Calibur, he suddenly appears, blocking the latter's attack before escaping

During a battle against Daichi Kamijo, Kento was no match to Calibur Jaou Dragon and was defeated by his opponent. During their duel, Daichi claimed that Kento's father was indeed a traitor and was killed by him, although did not clear why he had Ankokuken Kurayami with him. By the time Touma regained his memories and rushed to Kento's side, Kento fell unconscious in his friend's arms as he was greatly hurt by Daichi's attack

Even after Touma acquired the power of Dragonic Knight and defeated Calibur Jaou Dragon, Kento was still left weak from protecting his friends from Calibur's earlier attack. Eventually, while surrounded by his fellow swordsmen, his body disappeared into a dark miasma while his soul got sealed into the Ankokuken Kurayami.

When Touma himself got sealed within the Ankokuken Kurayami, Kento's spirit appeared by his side and helped break him free of the sealing

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