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Kernel Corn was stationed overseas for the events of the first Garden Warfare. Hearing about the conflict at home, he returned to a Suburbia transformed. Now he's ready to lead the Plants to victory, and tacos, but mostly victory.
~ Kernel Corn's stickerbook description.

Kernel Corn is one of the main protagonists of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. He is an military fighter who take parts in fighting zombies and taking back Suburbia.

He was voiced by Michael Dobson, who also voiced Citron from the same game.


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare series

In his stickerbook description, Kernel Corn was fighting overseas during the Garden Warfare 1 event.

In Garden Warfare 2, Kernel Corn appeared as a playable character on the Plants' side. His primary weapon is Cob Busters.

His L.E.A.F. agent counterpart is Agent Corn. His first quest is asking the players to head to Z-Tech factory for his secret Nuke Juice.

Next, he ordered the players to help him steal the largest bottle of Nuke Juice while flying on Butterhawk.

After that, Agent Corn asked the players to protect him as he plants a Tactical Cuke at the Zombies doorstep with Butterhawk.

When the players completed all three quests, he congratulated them and let them open another portal, or meet Dave-bot 3000.1 if the players met all the other L.E.A.F. agents

In Battle for Neighborville, he is a playable character of Attack class.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

What he lacks in a sense of humor, he makes up with attitude... and dual Cob Busters.
~ Kernel Corn's card description.

Kernel Corn returned in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes as a Corn Plant of Ka-bloom class. His rarity is Premium - Legendary, he costs 8, and his strength and health are both 6. When played, he deals four damages to each zombie.


BBQ Corn

BBQ Corn is one spicy customer. The only thing he takes more seriously than grilling is protecting his fellow Plants. Good thing then, that the sound of crinkling aluminium foil drives Zombies crazy.
~ BBQ Corn's description.

BBQ Corn is a Rare Kernel Corn variant in Garden Warfare 2 whose rapid-fire Spicy Hot Shot ignites enemies in front of him.

Mob Cob

Folks, meet the crusher himself, Mr. Mob Cob. Always the snappiest of dressers, Mr. Cob is a simple businessman who's looking to stop the Zombie force from encroaching on his hard-earned territory.
~ Mob Cob's description.

With his piercing Cob Crusher, Mob Cob - the only Super Rare variant of Kernel Corn - can vanquish multiple zombies at a time.

Pops Corn

Although he's seen a thing or two, old Pops Corn still has a new trick or two up his sleeve. However, he would kindly appreciate it if you didn't mention that time a family of birds made a nest in his beard.
~ Pops Corn's description.

Pops Corn is another Rare Kernel Corn variant that uses his rapid-firing two-shot-burst Corn Cracker that helps him with his precision.

Party Corn

Party Corn was deep undercover, investigating a particularly raucous celebration when he heard about the Battle of Zomburbia. With no time to change out of his party garb, he sprang into action, Party Busters at the ready.
~ Party Corn's description.

Party Corn is a Kernel Corn Legendary variant who fight the zombies with his Party Busters, which is the same as the Kernel Corn's primary. Additionally, he has a Party Time meter, where he must vanquish enemies to fill that bar, where he gains temporary speed and damage boost.

Commando Corn

Commando Corn leads the elite combat group known only as the Commando Crops. Raised and nurtured in the battlefield trenches, he's developed a fearsome battle prowess that has earned him respect among his peers. If you have a problem.... if no one else can help.... and if you can find him.... maybe you can hire.... Commando Corn.
~ Commando Corn's description.

Commando Corn is another Kernel Corn Legendary variant whose Baby Corn Buster fires slow but high splash damaging projectiles. He can also enter Full Commando after vanquishing 5 zombies in a row, where he gains temporary endurance, speed, damage, and ammo boost.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cob Busters: Kernel Corn's primary weapon, as he shoots rapid-fire corn kernels at enemies.
  • Butter Barrage: Kernel Corn throws a Hot Potato that marks the spot for the Butterhawks to drop an X mark of explosive butters.
    • Bigger Better Butter: It is similar to the Butter Barrage, except that the Butterhawks only drop one big explosive butter.
  • Husk Hop: Kernel Corn leaps over and rains down kernels that damages zombies below him.
  • Shuck Shot: Kernel Corn charges and then fires two explosive corn cobs from his arms.
    • Multi-Shuck: Instead of firing both of the cobs at once, he fires each of them forward, but deals lower damages than the Shuck Shot.
  • Butter Beacon: Kernel Corn throws a butter that explodes and reveals enemies' locations in a radius behind the walls.

Other appearances

Plants vs. Zombies comics

Kernel Corn appeared in Garden Warfare comics who take parts in fighting zombies to take back Neighborville, alongside Citron and Rose.



  • He has the least elemental variants out of all characters, being BBQ Corn.
  • One of his variant, Pops Corn, is based on Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC.
  • Mob Cob is the only Super Rare variant of him, and the only variant that does not have the word Corn in his name.


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