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Agent Puppy, do you know how long it took me to forge--I mean l-l-legally obtain that document stating I'm a citizen of Earth? Which I am..
~ Keswick, "Smarty Pants"

Professor Keswick, Jr. is a Keswick with a bad stuttering habit who is the inventor and scientist for Turbo Undercover Fighting Force, the deuteragonist character in T.U.F.F. Puppy.

He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Keswick is a prairie dog-like species confirmed to be under the name Keswick. He has a supposed "pouch", has webbed feet, looks and behaves like a dog or rodent, has three hearts, eleven toes on his paws, has gills, and has rodent teeth, though he's possibly some sort of extraterrestrial rodent or dog.


Keswick is a short, socially awkward scientist who tends to stutter a lot. Likewise, he usually provides the information and the gadgets for T.U.F.F.


  • In "Toast of T.U.F.F.", Keswick's features include, but may not be limited to: gills, a "pouch", webbed feet, and egg laying. However, they were never seen again.
  • Keswick has a fear of women, however, he is frequently seen with Kitty. This is a possible goof or he may have gotten used to Kitty being around him.
  • Keswick names all of the technology that T.U.F.F. has.
  • In "Snapnapped", he helps build Verminious Snaptrap a better lair. He seemed to be able to do it even without any fitting materials.
  • In "Share-A-Lair", Keswick is seen building a small replica of the The Iron Giant.
  • In "Mom-A-Geddon", we find out that he loves bumper cars.
  • It was shown in "Chilly Dog" that Keswick has a passion for fish sticks, as he had an entire sack full of them.
  • In "Internal Affairs", he stated that he "really needed to start labeling his stuff."
  • Keswick has some slight features that resemble Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents. He is about the size of Timmy and he has the same buck teeth, but that is mostly because Butch Hartman created both T.U.F.F. Puppy and The Fairly OddParents.
  • Keswick's voice is closer to Larry's voice, because they are voiced by Jeff Bennett.
  • In "The Doomies", it shows that Keswick is not on good terms with his parents who wanted him to be a doctor instead of an inventor. In this episode, The Chief likes teasing him about this.
  • In "Dog Dish", Keswick has a brother-in-law named Stan and seems to be on good terms with him. This also means that Keswick has a sister since he isn't married. He also seems to be in good terms with him.
  • In "Thunder Dog", it shows that he is scared of girls and always jumps into the incinerator chute instead of the laundry shoot. Yet in every other episode, he's not afraid of girls.
  • In "Snapnapped", he pictured himself tall, muscular, and smooth-talking which, is also known to be another hologram.
  • Keswick has made a total of seven named inventions in the show so far.
  • In "Forget Me Mutt", we find out that Keswick is prone to motion sickness, which we can clearly see when he, Dudley, Kitty, and the Chief ride on the new Petropolis Monotrail.
  • In "Dog's Best Friend", Keswick accidentally admits that he doesn't seem to enjoy working at T.U.F.F., and almost won enough money to get out of "this freak show".
  • In "Watch Dog", it is a gag the fact that Keswick can invent only things which can shoot acid.
  • In "Dudley Do-Wrong", it is shown that without regular social contact, Keswick becomes literally weird.
  • In "Pup Daddy", we learn that as a teenager, Keswick had a tail and that when he grows out of it, the tails grows a new keswick, which had that two keswicks fight to the death. As a baby he looks like a fish with heat sensing fellers on his back.
  • In "Toast of T.U.F.F.", he does science at kids' birthday parties and left Billy in the 4th dimension as a result.
  • In "Top Dog", he bluntly revealed to Dudley that his lasagna is not that good as it seems.
  • Ironically he's somewhat superstitious and can't make toilet paper thinking it comes from a wizard as revealed in "Happy Howl-O-Ween".
  • It is revealed in "Hush Puppy" and "Sob Story" that Keswick has three hearts.
  • In "Lie Like a Dog", Keswick is shown to like calculus.
  • It turns out that Keswick's species tend to have strange effects when they get wet as stated in " 'Til Doom Do Us Part". Keswick said that he could become a 'couple' if you throw water on him.
  • In "Carbon Copies", Keswick had a mug that says 'World's Sexiest Mathematician' on it. He refers to himself as 'sexy'.
  • In "True Spies", Keswick revealed that he's an alien who is hiding out on earth on account of being "Wanted" because he cooked stinky fish at work.


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