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You'll never beat me, because you're one of the good guys. And good guys never have the guts to finish like me!
~ Kevin 11 to Ben as Four Arms.

Kevin Ethan Levin is one of the main characters in Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and Ben 10: Omniverse. Originally, he began as one of the main villains in the original series, but the events in between the original series and Alien Force results in Kevin becoming sane. After being free of his mutations, he becomes an important comrade to his former enemies as well as atoning for his previous acts. He also has a relationship with Gwen Tennyson.

He was voiced by Michael Reisz also voices Matt Ishida from Digimon Seasons 1-2 for Kevin 11, Charlie Schlatter for rest of Ben 10 original and Greg Cipes also voices Beast Boy and Michelangelo for Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. In the Japanese dub from the series, he was voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama.


In the original series, Kevin is a thin and scrawny boy with shoulder-length black hair, pale skin and dark brown eyes with black-discolored marks around them (a sign that an Osmosian has recently absorbed energy). He wore a torn black T-shirt, black studded arm bands, brown cargo pants, black knee-length shoes, and a padlock necklace which is a spoil from his first crime: stealing a bike and using it to run away to New York. After absorbing an Omnitrix feedback, Kevin was able to transform into exact copies of all of the unlocked aliens, missing an Omnitrix symbol. After the energy overwhelms Kevin, he mutated into Kevin 11, a random mixture of body parts from the 10 said aliens which completely destroyed his clothes, except for his cargo pants.

In Alien Force, Kevin grew into a tall and muscular young man. His eyes now lack the black marks (as his body fully recovered from and stopped absorbing energy). His normal attire is a tight black T-shirt over a grey long sleeve shirt, blue pants, and black combat shoes. His hair, although still long, is styled into a choppy mullet. Occasionally, he is seen wearing a short sleeved light blue oil stained mechanic's jacket over a white muscular shirt, blue pants, and his black combat shoes.

After he goes through a second mutation, an unbalanced mixture of various matters, the transformation completely destroys his clothes, except his briefs. As a result, Kevin had to wear an ID Mask in public to appear human. In his second mutation he looked like a mixture of solid materials such as stone, wood, Taydenite, and metal. During Kevin's time as Ultimate Kevin, his appearance is again an unbalanced mixture of various aliens that were currently accessible to Ben through his Ultimatrix.

In Omniverse, Kevin wears the same black shirt but the sleeves and collar are roughly cut, the sleeves on his long sleeved grey shirt are slightly torn and he wears blue wholesters. His hair is longer and straighter. His pants have a small tear below the left knee. He also wears a padlock necklace similar to the one he wore when he was 11 but marked with an "11". He also sports black discolored marks around his eyes, making him appear tired; these marks bear similarity to when he was 11 and still absorbing energy.

Later in the series, Kevin grows a few chin whiskers and his grey shirt gains stripes. In Weapon XI: Part 2, Kevin gets the same cross-shaped scar to his chin that future Kevin has.

12 year old Kevin in Omniverse looks exactly the same as how he does in the original series, except for the fact that the color of his cargo pants are grey instead of brown and his padlock necklace is marked with an "11".


When Kevin was 11, originally he was a criminally insane sociopath, willing to hurt/kill anyone for his own personal gain and/or pleasure. This behavior and mentality stems not only from being seen and treated as a freak by his peers and family, but also because of the side effect of Kevin absorbing energy. His selfishness and sociopath-nature is made apparent when he was once willing to derail a money train to steal the money and kill countless passengers on another train. Kevin had an extremely negative outlook on life because of the countless hardships and struggles he had, feeling insecure about himself as well as having incredibly low self-esteem. He had a deep-rooted hatred for other people and society in general, even the innocent as he once said "Nobody's innocent! They just haven't had the chance to make fun of me yet!".

After being sent to the Null Void and meeting a prisoner named Kwarrel who acted as his surrogate father-figure and mentor in learning how to control his powers, Kevin eventually began to develop a better outlook on life and allowed him to form an actual bond for the first time. This eventually leads to Kevin making amends with his former enemies, Ben Tennyson (His Best Friend) and Gwen Tennyson. As a result, Kevin and Ben no longer share their famous rivalry and instead have become true friends. Kevin acts as an older brother towards Ben. They care genuinely for each other. Kevin is much more open about his feelings, showing gratitude and tries to express it to both Ben and Gwen. He also seemed to have a better connection towards Max Tennyson.

In addition to his new outlook on life, Kevin showed disgust at those who would take advantage of others such as with Argit when he was taking advantage of an alien's trust. Although Kevin may at times, do things unethically like selling weapons to make money or do things that involve getting money, his heart is always in the right place. He also showed distaste on how others care about only themselves will abandon others for their own selfishness such as when Kevin reprimanded an Alien Prisoner for being selfish in order to save itself while reminding him, about how Kevin himself was selfish before the latter's redemption.

Powers and Abilities

  • Absorption: Kevin's primary ability and Kevin is so experienced with this power that he can absorb anything from solid matter to pure energy.
    • Electrokinesis: After absorbing electricity, Kevin is able to manipulate it with great prowess.
      • Technology Manipulation: By controlling electrical currents, Kevin is able to control technology to the point where he was able to possess a forklift so that it would attack Ben.
    • Omnitrix Absorption: Kevin is able to absorb some of the Omnitrix's energy to temporarily gain the abilities of Ben's aliens. Kevin can further utilize this ability to turn into eldritch abominations composed of all of Ben's aliens at the time and only needs to touch the Omnitrix for a few seconds to do so.
      • Pyrokinesis: After absorbing some of Heatblast, Kevin gained the ability to temporarily manipulate fire.
    • Matter Manipulation: By absorbing matter, Kevin is able to manipulate the properties of said matter and use it to encase himself in a 'second skin' as full body armor. Kevin can even mix and match different types of matter (such as rock and steel) to augment his offensive and defensive capabilities.
      • Enhanced Durability: While encased in metal, Kevin's durability increases to the point where he was able to tank uranium poop bombs with minor injuries.
      • Transmutation: Should Kevin absorb so much matter, he can actually transmute himself so that he is made out of the material he absorbed as opposed to him using it as a second skin.
        • Regeneration: While transmuted, Kevin displays a healing factor in which he can grow his hand back mere seconds after it was severed.
        • Lock Picking: Kevin can also use this ability to pick locks.
        • Shapeshifting: Kevin has demonstrated the ability to morph his limbs into all kinds of objects, such as swords, hammers, maces and scissors.
    • Absorption Bestowal: Kevin is able to grant his absorption to others for protection.
  • Enhanced Strength: Kevin possesses enough strength to lift large metal containers with ease.
  • Technological Prowess: Kevin possesses technological knowledge so advance that he easily outsmarts most of Earth in terms of mechanical engineering (though this is likely to his exposure to more advanced tech).

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  • Kevin is Jewish.
  • He is about 6’3 and 235 lbs.
  • Derrick J Wyatt stated Kevin mutating and going crazy is a recurring problem that the heroes try to minimize. In the Ken 10 future timeline, at 45 in Omniverse Kevin is sane again and out of the Null Void; however, he's a henpecked boyfriend to Gwen at this point as she's tired of him getting out of control.


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