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Kevin Ethan Levin is the Forever Knight's former Right-hand man and the Secondary Antagonist turned Anti-Hero/Supporting Protagonist from the season three of the series reboot Ben 10. Originally one of the enforcers of the Forever Knight and Ben's Arch-Rival but eventually reforms become Frenemies/Friends With Both Ben and Gwen, he sacrificed himself in order to return Gwen and Ben to the present.  He is voiced by Greg Cipes.


Kevin is a thin and scrawny boy with shoulder-length black hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes, wearing a torn black T-shirt and a padlock necklace around his neck, blue jeans, and black shoes with red at the bottom. In his debut, he wore an olive green jacket. Kevin wears a brown Omnitrix-type device called the AntiTrix on his left wrist. Kevin's padlock necklace turned out to be a tracker placed by the Forever Knight, which he later destroyed.


Kevin is a bully who seems to enjoy causing other people misery, taking sadistic joy in inflicting pain and suffering. He is also incredibly arrogant, believing himself to be better with the AntiTrix than Ben is with the Omnitrix despite having had it for a far lesser period of time, and is determined to prove this by destroying Ben. Kevin is loathed to believe that he could need help with anything, which caused him to initially reject the Forever Knight's offer of recruitment.

Despite his ruthlessness in regards to Ben, Kevin doesn't want to hurt others who aren't involved with their feud. He especially doesn't want to see Gwen getting hurt, as he has a crush on her. He has also shown a willingness to swallow his pride and work together with Ben if need be.

For all his bravado, Kevin is actually quite lonely. Jealousy of Ben having friends and family that he can count on appears to be a driving force behind his hatred of him.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike his original counterpart, Kevin is rather a good mechanic with alien technology as seen with the creation of the AntiTrix, as well as been a properly user of the watch as well. With the AntiTrix, Kevin can transform into mutated version of Ben's aliens as well as a wolf-like alien known as Bashmouth whom Ben has not still acquired yet.

Heroic Deeds

  • Helped Ben to save Gwen from mutant Glitch
  • Teamed up with Ben in a laser tag competition
  • Sacrificed himself to save Ben and Gwen and return them to the present.



  • The idea of Kevin having his own Omnitrix was an original concept that never got used in the Classic continuity. However, the concept was brought back in the reboot.
    • Kevin possessing a red version of the Omnitrix and transforming into negative versions of Ben's aliens makes him similar to Albedo.
  • Kevin watches Lucky's Girl's show, having knowledge of the franchise and its merchandise. He also seems to be a fan of Xingo.
  • Kevin has currently usurped Vilgax as the most recurring antagonist in the show, making 30-31 appearances.

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