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Kevin Lomax is a greedy lawyer and the main protagonist in the 1997 horror film, The Devil's Advocate. His life takes a turn for the worse when he accepts the offer from John Milton. By the end of the film, he is seen walking out of the courtroom with Christabella Andreoli.


Kevin was a slick, young defense attorney in Gainseville, Florida, who had never lost a case. It was to the point when John Milton asked him to come to New York to help his swanky law firm pick a jury. Without any hesitation, he accepted his offer. So now Kevin and his wife Mary Ann are in Manhattan, to the disapproval of Mary Ann’s bible-thumping mother.


Kevin was quite driven, ambitious, and relatively amoral. He was a workaholic who spent his life, trying to win a lawsuit he came across. Likewise, he tried to keep his rival Barzoon out of his hair, as the latter, the managing director of the firm, was convinced that Kevin was out to get him. He cared for his wife, Mary Ann, but it was in dysfunctional status, as he also found interest in Christabella.


He was a dedicated lawyer who investigated the cases of verdict, and saw that whether they were guilty or not. He also defended some people accused of murder and/or sexual abuse.