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Kevin Tran was a high school student in advanced placement in the TV Show Supernatural. His life is dramatically upside down when he becomes a prophet. He was played by Osric Chau.


Kevin helped the Winchester brothers translate the "Leviathan Tablet" which led to the fall of the rising empire of Season 7 main antagonist and Leviathan Dick Roman and his army. Unfortunately, he was captured by Crowley afterwards in order to translate the demon tablets for him.

In season 8. Kevin uncovered the secrets of closing the gates of Hell forever in the demon tablet before being tasked next to reversing the main antagonist for Season 9's Metatron's spell emptying out Heaven until he was killed by Gadreel who was possessing Sam Winchester on Metatron's instructions.

Due to the gates of Heaven being closed, Kevin was stuck in the veil as a ghost but maintained his human side. Kevin soon manifested in front of the Winchesters and asked him to find his mother as a recently deceased girl who became a ghost told him that she was alive but in danger. After the brothers saved his mother, Kevin reunited with his mother who was devastated at his death but happy to see him. Kevin decided to leave with her though told the Winchesters to make up as he saw what they had been acting like in his time as a ghost.

When God revealed himself to the Winchesters, he proved his identity to them by bringing out Kevin. The brothers were shocked to see him and asked him how he was doing as he replied he was fine in spite of being a ghost. Kevin said to trust God as he did them as he did not blame his fate on them. God then said he was sending him to Heaven, but sent Kevin's soul to Hell.

Apocalypse World Kevin

An antagonistic alternate universe version of Kevin Tran appears in season 13, in which he resides in the Apocalypse world (in which Michael and his angels won the war against Lucifer but reduced the earth to a battleground), serving Michael as his prophet (due to Michael basically being God in this world). Michael uses Kevin to work out a way to open gateways to other parallel universes, which they decide to try out by using a captured Lucifer's grace. After opening the gateway, Lucifer manages to escape through and back to his own world, which results in it shutting Michael and his angels back in their world. Michael later uses Kevin to set off an angel bomb to kill resistance members, leaving only Jack and Mary alive. Despite working for Michael, Kevin isn't really evil as he has no real choice and did most of it so Michael will allow him to enter Heaven and reunite with his mother.