Judge (Khurain) Portrait

The Khura'inese Judge, referred to by the formal address of "Your Magistry", is the judge that presides over trials in The Kingdom of Khura'in, in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice.

Prior to the trial of Ahlbi Ur'gaid, in which an American lawyer in the country as a tourist interrupted the trial to become the first lawyer to defend a suspect in the country for 23 years, the Judge had no understanding of how "normal trials" were supposed to be run. Prior to this, there had only been guilty verdicts in this 23 year span, and verdicts were always based on the Royal Priestess's divination seances, essentially amounting his job to nothing more then passing the inevitable guilty verdict. He had all but forgotten what a "cross-examination" even was (to the point of mistaking it for something involving a lawyer using physical violence on a witness) and questioned if there was a point in allowing the accused to tell their side of the story, and has apparently not seen actual evidence for a long time.

At first, it appears as though he has the same biased abhorrence towards defense attorneys, as well as a biased the guilt of the accused and the insights given by the Princess, as everyone else in the country. However when Phoenix Wright proved a severe contradiction in the claims of the the royal priestess, he began to reveal himself to be much more impartial, not believing it to be something he could just ignore. He also was the only one who stood up for the defense attorney against the courtroom gallery and The Prosecutor after they turned into an angry mob wishing for the attorney to be thrown in jail for Lèse-majesté, stating that he had done nothing unlawful and was simply doing his job in defending the accused He considered it their duty to fully scrutinize the defense's claims, and was even willing to stand up to his country's princess, throwing her out of the courtroom for interfering with this process.

Although the Judge's distrust and prejudice towards Phoenix Wright still remained, he would always remain fair and impartial during court proceedings, giving the defense attorney's arguments and claims full consideration when need be, regardless of how unpopular this caused him to become, or whether this caused people to turn on him as well.

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