Aw, biscuits.
~ Kick Buttowski

Clarence Francis "Kick" Buttowski is the titular main protagonist of the series Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.

He was voiced by Charlie Schlatter.


Kick is an amateur, thrill-seeking, and often-reckless ten-year-old daredevil. His main goal in life is to embrace each day as if it was his own personal "action movie". He is rather short and wears a signature daredevil outfit; a white jumpsuit with red stripes down the sleeves, and a white helmet with a red stripe, with yellow boots and gloves.

Some of his more notable catchphrases are "Show time", "Aw, biscuits", and "Chimichanga". He is the middle child in his family. His middle name was announced in "Rank of Awesome", a reference to his original name, Francis Little.



Kick is best friends with Gunther Magnuson, who is known for his Viking heritage, and the two rarely get into arguements. Kick and Gunther are also good friends with a young man named Wade, who works in the Food 'n' Fix.


Given this, Kick actually has more enemies than friends due to his destructive behavior, such as Kendall Perkins, a neat-and-tidy girl in his school who dislikes Kick's stunts. However, as the cartoon progresses, Kick and Kendall eventually put their differences aside and become friends, which is especially evident in the episode "Dancing With The Enemy".

In this episode, they must learn how to dance, or they will fail PE class, and since they are paired together, they must dance with one-another. They eventually warm up to each other's company and create their own syle; a cross between opera and wrestling. They do manage to help each other pass, though under the pretense that they dislike each other.

Moreover, in "Box Office Blitz", Kick and Gunther are evading Pantsy in the cinema where Pantsy works as an usher. As Kick and Gunther split up, Kick runs into a room which is re-playing a romance film; when Kick sits down, he realises that he has sat next to the only person in the room; Kendall.

As Kendall questions why Kick came in to watch a romance film, Pantsy comes into the room calling for Kick. As to hide his face, Kick takes a deep breath and makes out with Kendall, which Pantsy sees in the darkness before leaving. As Kick pulls away, Kendall stutters that she didn't know he liked her, when Kick wipes his tongue and washes his mouth out with her drink, making her grimace.

In "Hand In Hand", Kick is skating in a cave when he bumps into Kendall, who was researching a cave sap. When Kick helps her up, their hands stick together from the sap. Not wanting anybody to think they're dating, they try to get to Ronaldo's garage without being seen, where they will find an un-stick substance. At the end of the episode, when their hands are free, they smile and blush at each other.


Kick is always picked on by his older brother, Brad Buttowski, who often refers to him as "Dillweed".


He also has a bad relationship with his little sister Brianna, which is especially evident in the episode "Not Without My Cereal", where she steals the box of cereal that Kick had picked for himself. She then runs about the shop trying to evade Kick, who is constantly on her tail.

However, they have occaisionally teamed up, like in the episode "Trike X-5", where Kick helps her beat her rival in a competition; Brianna rides Kick's tricyle off a ramp and into the air whilst playing a tune on her kazoo, winning the contest.


Kick has an indifferent and distant relationship with his parents Honey and Harold, though they do occaisionally get along. In "Father From The Truth", Kick is initially embarrassed about his 'lame' dad for the upcoming Bring Dad To School Day. However, Kick eventually sees that his dad can be awesome too, and his peers grow to respect him.

Honey does not like her sons as much as she likes Brianna, which is seen in "Not Without My Cereal", when she lets Brianna pick any item she wants, whilst being hesitant to let Kick just have some new cereal, yet still on the condition that he watches Brianna. In "A Very Buttowski Mother's Day", Kick is shown to genuinely care for his mother when he is seen making her a full breakfast for her, which Brad immediately pinches and eats, wanting to out-do Kick as to be the favourite son of the two.


  • Kick has brown hair.
  • Kick was born on 22nd February, 2000.
  • As of "Runaway Recital", Kick is an avid pianist.
  • Kick and Kendall share their first kiss together in "Box Office Blitz".
  • The Buttowski address is 3161 Redstone Avenue, Mellowbrook.



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