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Kid Flash (Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West) is a teenage speedster superhero of the Teen Titans, and is the former sidekick of The Flash. He debuted in the episode "Multiple Trick Pony.

He is voiced by Will Friedle who also voices Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible, Batman from Batman Beyond, Doyle Blackwell from The Secret Saturdays.


Kid Flash is depicted to be extremely eccentric and boastful, always proud of his identity as a superhero and his super speed. With his charisma, he is also a manipulative jerk who knows exactly how to sway people to his side by providing them benefits or showing himself off.

Powers and Abilities

  • Transcendent Metahuman Physiology: Kid Flash, thanks to having transcended beyond his speed limitations, can be classified as a Metahuman of godly power.
    • Speed Infinitum: Kid Flash's most remarkable ability is that he is able to reach impossibly high speeds, which are well beyond normal human limits. He's so fast that he was able to defeat the H.I.V.E Five in a few seconds. In further context, despite having transcended the limitations of how fast he can go, his speed is infinite, at least in terms of what other Metahumans are capable of. As long as he absorbs more power from the Speed Force, there's no limit to how fast he can get.
    • Resilience: With all his speed, he is able to maintain velocity for long periods of times without tiring very easily.
    • Superhuman Strength: Above average in strength in terms of normal humans, he is able to bust through walls and hold his own in hand to hand combat.

Fighting Skills

  • Ninjutsu: In "Multiple Trick Pony" was shown that Kid Flash has ninja moves. He used them to in "The Streak" to defeat Dr Light.


Kid Flash's arrogance causes him to always underestimate his enemies, in which, he would sometimes let his guard down, this was proven as in many occasions, the time when he started to think that Robin is a easy person to deal with, he let his guard down, and ends up breaking his leg after Robin decides to cheat.

Kid Flash simply did not learn anything from it at all, and sometimes he even let his guard down when he thoughted that Robin is out of ideas, plans, and ways to outsmart, and win him. Proven that his guard is always down whenever he is nearly finished with a goal, or nearly heading towards the finish line and being the winner of a challenge.

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