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Hero Overview

People who only fight when they're sure that they'll win only know how to pick on a weak.

Kiichi Miyazawa, also known by his nickname Kiibo, is the main protagonist of the manga series, Koukou Tekkenden Tough and its sequel Tough. He is the adoptive son of Seiko Miyazawa, a famous martial artist and 14th successor of the Nadashinkage Style, the nephew of the rough and ruthless martial warrior, Kiryuu Miyazawa, and cousin to Ryusei Nagaoka. He is also the 15th and current headmaster of Nadashinkage Style and the founder and creator of Nada "Shin" Shinkage.


During his high schooler days, Kiibo stood at a height of 172.0cm, weight at 60.5kg, bust: 90.0cm, arm: L.40cm R.40cm, reach: L.59cm R.60cm, waist: 68.5cm, hip: 72.0cm, leg: 84.5cm, foot: 26.0cm, eyesight: L.2.0 R.2.0 and was always seen wearing the same casual attire of a long sleeved shirt and blue jeans. He also has short blonde spiky hair, and is also dark skinned.

By the time of his fight with Jet, Kiichi weighed 75 kg and stood 175 cm.


A laid back person who enjoys a good fight, loves it so much that he actually enjoys any dangerous situation as it gets his heart racing. Kiichi is also very heroic as he was willing to take the fall for a person he didn't he even like, in order to protect him.

He is also a very simple minded person as he often does very strange things without thinking, such as dropping and destroying a car just to get to a girl and has shown himself to be very arrogant of his own skills as a fighter as he had gotten a very swelled head about his victory over Funada claiming that he was a fighting god and could take on anyone. Nevertheless, he is hard working, determined and obsessed with getting stronger to face stronger opponents.


Powers and Abilities

Kibo inherited a pre genetic condition, known in the martial arts community, as the Monster Foot (Japanese: , Monsutā Shūto), from his biological father, Kakugo Kasukabe. The Monster Foot enables the tendons and muscles in his legs to grow, develop the same physical characteristics as the Tiger Foot, Dragon Foot, and Falcon Foot.

Fighting Style

  • Expert Martial Artist
  • Nadashinkage-ryu: As the 15th successor, Kiibo is a master in his family's style of martial arts that's beyond comparison. Specializing in assassination techniques, calculated to deliver the most power while using the minimum of strength it has always been kept away from outsiders. It is a complete combat form that does not limit itself to simple striking and grappling techniques, but also integrates other Chinese disciplines, like the “Shukkaku,” relying on projection technique; the ‘Sanda,” which concentrates attacks on the vital points and joints; or even the “Kushuda-So (to wrest a lance with bare hands),” made to face an opponent with a weapon barehanded.
  • Yugenshinkage-ryu:
  • Nada Shin Shinkage-ryu:


  • Bone Breaker:
  • Fusen Kyaku: A technique that allows Kiichi to kick someone while spinning around, usually in the face.
  • Ryu Zanshuraku
  • Hashin Sho: A technique that Kiichi uses to strike out the air from an opponent, causing his opponent to fall.
  • Bosatsuken: A dual-handed strike that leaves an impression of the Bodhisattva on the opponent's body. Due to its potentially lethal applications, Kiibo usually reserves this technique for the most dire situations, usually exhausting the remainder of Kiibo's stamina after use.
  • Reverse Cross Elbow Lock:
  • Kobakusho: A technique that allows him to destroy his opponent's ear drums, as it causes them to tear apart.
  • DDT
  • Python Hold
  • Giant Octopus Lock
  • Flying Enma Lock
  • Reversed Enma Lock
  • Choke Sleeper
  • Jirai-Satsu
  • Exploding Vermillion Fist
  • Chikoken
  • Fire Fingers Lock
  • Issunboshi
  • Swastika Arm Lock
  • Mount Position
  • Tasuki Lock
  • Triangle Hold
  • Velvet and Steel Lock
  • Achilles Tendon Lock
  • Heel Hold
  • Centipede Lock
  • Chicken Wing Armlock
  • Centipede Roll
  • Kaishuken



  • He weighed 863 grams when he was born.
  • Kiichi overcame a case of jaundice at a young age. Presumably, when he was a baby.



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