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I'm just a bean trying to get some sleep.
~ Killer Bean to Cappuccino's nephew.
Lets make one thing clear. Last night was a party. Tonight, I get to work!
~ Killer Bean to Vagan's mercenaries.
Look, I get it. Life is stressful. Everyone needs a break right?
~ Killer Bean to a mercenary.

Killer Bean is the titular protagonist of the movie Killer Bean Forever and 3 other shorts with his name in the title. He is a mercenary bean working for the Shadow Agency. He is dispatched to Beantown it appears that his goal is to take down the crime boss Cappuccino but in reality he is after Vagan, a former Shadow Agency mercenary who defected from them and stole their secret database. He is portrayed by Vegas J. Jenkins who is known for acting in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder and Sam and Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die!


In The Killer Bean, Killer Bean is shown as red with purple shoes, gloves, and lips. He is shaped like a jelly bean and has pure black eyes. In Killer Bean 2 - The Party, Killer Bean is now brown and shaped like a coffee bean. His arms and legs are covered in black, and he now has red gloves and shoes, he also now has whitish lips. Killer Bean can also be seen with a belt that says KB on it with extra bullets. This is his first appearance with his golden guns. In Killer Bean Forever, Killer Bean still has black arms and legs with red gloves and shoes, but he also has a red and black vest. In this movie he has green eyes. His golden guns now have grey areas, and each one has a dragon towards the barrel on both sides.


Killer Bean is often seen as cocky and reckless. He is shown doing things like engraving is own bullet casings and not taking Cappuccino seriously while being interrogated by him. Killer Bean is shown as athletic, being able to jump multiple feet up into the air, and doing flips and spins. He is strong enough to climb up large warehouse racks in seconds, and can punch and kick people a couple feet backwards. Killer Bean is very talented when it comes to assassination. He is shown taking out two warehouses full of beans, a insurgency, Vagan, and Jet Bean. Killer Bean is very skilled in hand to hand combat, as he was able to fight off Jet Bean. He is shown as very skilled with guns, being able to fight off dozens of Cappuccinos beans at once without a scratch, killing elite, hardened, militaristic beans without getting shot, and killing Jet Bean by throwing a bullet into the air, then setting it off with another bullet. There is no information about Killer Beans past before Killer Bean Forever.


The Killer Bean

Killer Bean is shown strapped to a chair in a room by The Mafia, he is first sleeping, until the Mafia Boss slaps him awake. Killer Bean is promptly asked, "Who are you?" by the Mafia Boss, Killer Bean proceeds to not answer and instead observes his chains and then whistles.

Killer Bean is then slapped again and threatens the Mafia Boss and is then asked again who he is. Killer Bean finally answers and reveals himself to be Jack Bean.

After one of the bosses men shoot him, Killer Bean then calls the killer an airhead. Killer Bean is then approached by a big strong green bean, and punched a few times before being knocked out of his chair and picked up by his two guards. He then steals the guns from his two guards and kills everybody in the room.

Killer Bean 2 - The Party

Killer Bean is once again shown as sleeping, this time, in his own apartment. He is woken up by the loud music playing down the street in a nearby warehouse. He promptly calls them and tells them to turn down there music, after they turn it up instead of down, Killer Bean get's angry, grabs his guns, and jumps from his 4th story apartment into his car. Killer Bean drives his car on a ramp through one of the ware house windows and crashes into the speaker system the partying beans are using. Killer Bean focuses on the DJ bean, but then he notices a motorcycle trying to crash into him, and he promptly shoots it down. He then jumps up into the air and onto one of the hooks of the warehouse. After getting shot at, the hook proceeds to move closer to his attackers. Killer Bean shoots a bean then the hook hes hanging onto gets shot by another bean, causing him to fall off of it. The bean who shot the hook attempts to shoot him but then gets shot himself by Killer Bean. After killing a few more beans, he rolls under one of the platforms and shoots one of the beans on top of it. After the beans listen for each other for a few seconds, Killer Bean notices what appears to be a propane canister; he throws it up the platform and shoots it, causing it the explode. The beans who were on the platform get caught in the explosion and are blown off the platform burning. Killer Bean proceeds to laugh at the burning corpses, until he notices the DJ bean running away with the disc onto the roof. Killer Bean follows him, and has a standoff sequence with the bean, ultimately ending with Killer Bean winning. He then takes the disc, and throws it into the air and shoots it.

Killer Bean Forever

Killer Bean is sent to Beantown to assassinate Dark Bean, a rogue member of the Shadow Bean agency. He is awoken by a bunch of gangster beans having a loud party. After initial warnings, he finds himself aggravated and ignored. As an act of annoyance he crashes the party in Killer Bean fashion, guns blazing. His rampage did not slip by the local authorities, which find the massacre he left, as well as his engraved golden bullets all over the warehouse. Detective Cromwell leads the case, initially believing this shooting to be a professional act, carried out as a gang attack. Afterwards, he is seen awakening, scolded by his contractor for his recklessness. Meanwhile Cappuccino, boss of the local mafia, is seen enraged at his nephews death, he being one of the victims of Killer Bean's rampage. After executing one of his cronies, he tasks Vagan, who seems to be a hitman, with taking down Killer Bean. After an encounter with Vagan at another of Cappuccino's warehouses, he meets Detective Cromwell at a local bar. Cromwell reveals his knowledge of the warehouse battle, and suggests they team up. Killer Bean declines. A quick fight breaks out and Cromwell is defeated. Killer Bean heads to yet another warehouse, where he takes out more of Cappuccino's beans. More merc beans emerge, but none can defeat him. Vagan is finally able to capture Killer Bean. He is interrogated by Cappuccino. Killer Bean reveals he has been sent to kill Vagan, who is actually Dark Bean. Dark Bean kills Cappuccino after he fires him for his deception. Killer Bean escapes and has a standoff with him, where he explains how the Shadow Beans are merely guns-for-hire and have lost all honor. Killer Bean denies this and shoots him. After taking down Dark Bean, Killer Bean notices that his Communicator is disabled, confirming Dark Bean's story. Killer bean notices that he is in grave danger, which is why when the police arrive, Killer Bean turns himself in. His Assailant, Jet bean, arrives and attempts to locate Killer Bean in an effort to dispatch the now compromised Operative. As Jet Bean stumbles across the bloodbath that Dark Bean and Killer Bean have left behind, he converses with the law enforcement forces who are busy cleaning the mess up. Jet Bean is arrested for assaulting an officer, but escapes with little effort, completely destroying the police force along the way. He finds Killer Bean in his cell and throws him his pistols to make the duel equal. After a long fight, Killer Bean wins by tossing a bullet and shooting it mid-air, firing the round into Jet Bean's stomach. He calls the Shadow Agency voice to inform them that he quits after learning the truth about them. The Shadow Agency tells Killer Bean that he can come in and they can "talk things over", to which he says that he will be coming in, but it won't be for talking. Killer Bean claims all the police weapons and prepares to go to war against the Shadow Beans.

The Return of Killer Bean

Killer Bean's car is stolen by unknown enemies. Killer Bean kills them with little effort, but the last one threatens to shoot his car. Killer Bean says he can have it. He throws the car keys into a pile of garbage. As the bean digs for them, Killer Bean gets into his car. When the bean finally finds them, it is revealed to be a bomb. It explodes and sends him flying through the air. Killer Bean asks him if he enjoyed the ride. The bean says that he didn't. Killer Bean says "I did." and drives away.

Killer Bean Episode 1

Killer Bean steals a police vehicle and is of to find the Shadow Bean Agency to get revenge for then betraying him. He must first find Kesler, who betrayed the agency. While Killer Bean is arriving, Kesler sends drones to him to see how strong and agile he is. Once Killer Bean gets inside he sees that Kesler has locked himself in his bunker, and hes not coming out because he has every single streaming service known to man, 6 months of food and a toilet. So to force him out he breaks the wifi router, deeming almost everything useless. When Killer Bean tells Kesler that he was trying to track and kill the Shadow Agency's members, Kesler reminds him of the computer prototype SPU that was broken in their fight. So Kesler sends Killer Bean to find Rexamus to get another prototype. He also sends an AI drone named MAX to help him.