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The Kindly Lady is a character from the Rolie Polie Olie film, The Baby Bot Chase. She is the mother of the Mother Ship and she takes care of some babies until they get a family. She is voiced by Elizabeth Hanna who also voiced Mary White in Hello Kitty and Friends.


She was first seen looking at some babies getting ready for bed. She tells them that it was time for beds. Just then Starry stops by to say hi to her and the babies. She then tells Fred that it was time to go to bed, and she also tells Starry that it was time for him to get back to his family.

She was later seen still taking care of some babies and mentioning some of their names. She was glad to see that all of the babies were snug in their cups, cuddled, and clean and all topped out. She then notices that it wasn't all of the babies, and that Coochie and Coo were missing.

Later, the Kindly Lady tries to find a Coochie and Coo, but they were no where to be seen. She then starts to call Space Boy and Space Dog to help her find the babies.

Space Boy and Space Dog arrive, and the Kindly Lady tells them what happened. Space Boy then tells him that they would find her bots in no time.

Later, in the end of the film, Coochie and Coo return, and the Kindly Lady was happy to see them again so she gives them both kisses since they returned. Everyone was so glad that they were back again.

Just then, the Polie family arrive in the Mothership, and the Kindly Lady thanks them for finding Coochie and Coo. They then were later sad that it was time to say goodbye. Olie asks his parents if they had to say goodbye. The Mothership stops, and Polina tells him that the Mothership was Coochie and Coo's home. The Kindly Lady tells them that they wait to meet their forever family. It was her job to find for them that special family who love them and take care of them forever happily. Percy then tells the Kindly Lady that they could take care of Coochie and Coo forever.

Later, when Space Boy and Space Dog arrive, the Kindly Lady tells them the babies and the Polies found each other, and that Olie and Zowie have a new brother and sister.


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